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Green Tea Elizabeth Arden Image

Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea   

97 Reviews

Created in 1999, Green Tea is an uplifting fragrance that energizes the body, excites the senses and revitalizes your spirits. With zesty top notes of caraway and rhubarb blended with the sparkling citrus fragrances of lemon, orange zest and bergamot. The uplifting middle notes are a cool harmony of peppermint, jasmine, carnation, fennel and more

30 ml EDP Spray
SKU 10930
£16.24 £11.85

Created in 1999, Green Tea is an uplifting fragrance that energizes the body, excites the senses and revitalizes your spirits. With zesty top notes of caraway and rhubarb blended with the sparkling citrus fragrances of lemon, orange zest and bergamot. The uplifting middle notes are a cool harmony of peppermint, jasmine, carnation, fennel and celery seed, while the base extends to fresh hints of oakmoss, musk and white amber.

  • KATHY04/02/2012

    I like Elizabeth Arden fragrances. I have Red Door, Fifth Avenue and Sunflowers and I love them all. I was very excited to receive a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea for Christmas...I dont like it at all. Smells a bit like fly spray to me. I do apologise to all the Green Tea fans out there. I actually swapped it with a friend for a bottle of Wish by Chopard. (which I love also). Very disappointed with Green Tea. Will stick to my 3 Elizabeth Arden favs.

  • AB19/12/2010

    Very clean, refreshing scent for the summer. cost is good too, if you buy it at reduced price stores. I thought it didnt last either, but people always tell me i smell so good even hours after i first wear it. love it!!

  • NBLACK10/04/2009

    I've been using GT since it was introduced. I have had great success with using the body wash, body cream and then finish with the lotion. I find it lasts and EVERYONE has complemented me on how great i smell (only close up!!!) - And the best part is it leaves a 'hint' in anything i wear. - Ladies, try my method and see what works. P.S. the spray is very light, but i use it as a 'chaser' if i'm out on the town!

  • SHERRY21/05/2008

    I thought I loved Green tea ,but now have two loves. Brand new I cant find it yet. If you love green tea you will really love this!! Geen tea Lotus!!

  • RACHEL24/03/2008

    the scent fades too quickly. but it has a very fresh scent like u just stepped out of a shower

  • SYLVIE13/02/2008

    For me GREEN TEA by EA smells aggressive(!!!) GREEN: A pleasant household-cleaner or bathspray. - But not my imagination of a pretty and seductive woman fragrance!! The ratings here at PE are good and so-so, maybe some ladies like GREEN TEA to lift up there moods or because it smells "uncomplicated". Sometimes a like green, sporty and aromatic fragrances (WRAPPINGS by Clinique, VENT VERT by Balmain, SCHERRER), but GREEN TEA smells tooooo artificial!! Normally I prefer warm, inviting and sumptuous fragrances (orientals, chypres or erotic men fragrances.

  • LINDAW20/11/2007

    I LOVE this stuff! It has a very relaxing smell to it. And also smells very clean and PLEASE knock off the old woman stuff! I am sick of reading that comment it is VERY disrespectful some day you will be an older woman so come on have some respect for women who have more life experence than you.

  • JOANNAH17/09/2007

    I love it so much which is why it's so sad that the dry down happens too fast and after an hour there's nothing left of the scent on my skin. I hope it's just a chemistry problem. I'd tell others to test it and see if it lasts on them before buying it. Givenchy Amarige Mariage was the other one I was contemplating when I bought the EA GT Tropical so I might try that one next Spring. EA generally makes good scents, I just have a chemistry problem that affects their lasting power.

  • LASSIE09/05/2007

    Please, ladies. Stay out of BBW and consider this for a summer scent. It's crisp, it's clean, it's great for hot days when musk or sicky sweet fruit punch would turn your stomach.

  • SMELLS NICE04/12/2006

    I bought this not too long ago because I thought It smelled nice, but as I starting wearing it, i noticed that the scent wouldn't last that long, it's scent is sort of not so long lasting even if you put 4 or 5 sprays. It smells nice though. :)

  • KITTY29/09/2006

    I love EA Green Tea. LOVE IT! But, like many posters here, I must complain that it doesn't last. The differences in opinions may have to do with body chemistry and individual experiences with the fragrance components involved. I will definitely buy more.

  • MAKENA24/08/2006

    My husband bought this for me not long ago. At first I didn't care much for it but it has grown on me. We live in a humid climate and I've had no problems with it not lasting.

  • ALCHIMIE10/08/2006

    I like it because it reminds me of those crazy summers when I was about 14, had my best friend whom I've been given this and I loved it. It wasn't lasting for too long but still then - a great idea for green tea lovers!!!

  • BRANDY 19/07/2006

    had to keep reapplying. then as soon as i finish my bf goes and gets me another full sized bottle of it. i agree w/the bulgari statement. there's is fresher and lasts longer.

  • GRETCHEN02/07/2006

    It's a cooling, crisp scent- stands up well to hot humid weather without turning sickly sweet or sour on me. Reasonably priced. The only Arden perfume I've liked so far.

  • KATHY23/06/2006

    Got this as a mark down, last one of the shelf. Paid only $5.00 for it, that should of told me something. This is waaay too citrusy. I am going to wash this off right now!

  • *BARBARA W*05/06/2006

    Bvlgari makes a superior product! Their tea fragrances are much more refined and elegant. This isn't horrible, but it's nowhere near the quality of the Bvlgari line.

  • ANGELIQUE15/05/2006

    My sister bought this for me, and firstly I thought it was revolting. However, after giving it a second chance - I changed my mind. It's so unusual and summery. Def zesty and refreshing.

  • YOPI20/04/2006

    this is the best fragance ever...... I just love my favorite since it came out ......well my mom love's it's great!

  • CYNTHIA13/03/2006

    it's my favorite fragance, i already bougth it twice! i feel HAPPY and OPTIMISTIC when i have this fragance on my skin.

  • DIONNE02/02/2006

    This didn't suit me at all. Something for lovers of sweet and very subtle - no passion at all

  • TARA22/01/2006

    Lovely fresh scent.I always wear it on hot summer days/evenings when its too hot to wear heavier frangances.

  • POOKIE30/12/2005

    I agree with the other posters on the fact that this does not last long at all. Wonderful while it lasts tho. For me, lasts slightly longer than True Love but not by much. Hubby LOVES it tho...and I'm stuck with 10 bottles of it in my collection.

  • MARGARETA28/12/2005

    This one I have in my handbag. It´s perfect when I want to put a little perfume on during the workingday. I get many complimants for this one, it smells wonderful but not traditionally like a perfume, it is discrete but lovely.

  • CHERY17/11/2005

    i got it as a present from my aunt last christmas. i wore it once when i went to college last year. It was the worst day in my life. I can't forget everybody's faces specially when my teacher said smells like windex!! :0{

  • WOMAN_2616/11/2005

    Bitter smell... I got no compliments about this perfume ? . Yes it attracts by some warm notes in it ( reason I bought it) but next second bitter alcohol zesty smell kill every pleasant smell (reason I dislike it). Went to male doctor, smelled same "green tea" scent in his office. Wee. Man and woman “green tea” are the same. Overwhelming notes of alcohol and lemon zest give it BITTER smell. I am going to use it as airfreshner in “there”. Let it smell expensive “there”. ?

  • REBECCA02/08/2005

    For those that want it to last longer the intense might be for you.

  • MAYA15/07/2005

    I definitely like this one! It's fresh and soft, but at the same time it has a bit of sweetness to it - and no I don't think it's sickly sweet it's a more soft-sweet, a sweet on a more subtle note.

  • TONI07/07/2005

    I bought this because the scent sounded like it would be refreshing, which it is, but it fades entirely too fast. I agree with the other posters who say that's it gone within about 10 minutes. I'd never buy it again, even though I like its refreshing scent.

  • PERFUME FANATIC15/06/2005

    Nice refreshing perfume. Good scent.It doesn't last though. More like a Body Spray.

  • LINDY LOU04/05/2005

    Green Tea is fresh and ladylike. Definitely not an in-your face, obnoxious fragrance. Very wearable for an office setting where co-workers might object to a strong fragrance or dislike fragrance because of allergies. It's just soft enough for those around you to enjoy but not bowled over. A quality fragrance at a very affordable price.

  • LILIBETH20/01/2005

    i like it but it doesn't last very long....use it after bath and feel fresh..not recommend for evening.

  • WINTER26/12/2004

    I love green tea ! It feels & smells very refreshing I would buy it again .

  • MAXXX11/11/2004

    This perfume is lovley. Not strong not in ya face not is light and pleasant ans something i would not mind a daughter wearing if she was starting to wear perfumes at an early age. I cannot imagine it offending anybody in a work place. The only gripe is the usual one...does not last but i still love it!

  • MARIA12/10/2004

    This perfume smells soooo gooood!! I'm very sensitive to strong smelling perfumes, anything that's woodsy vanilla or oriental just makes me dizzy and gives me headaches. This scent on the other hand is just so uplifting. It smells so fresh and it's kinda like aroma therapy, I do touch ups when I'm stressed and it helps too. I just love it.

  • LOVELY CHUCKLES09/05/2004

    It's very simplistic and refreshing. It's almost sporty. It's nice. You can totally smell the peppermint in it.

  • JENNIFER09/05/2004

    Green Tea is a trendy scent that has lost some of it's "newness." Still a very nice, light, warm weather fragrance. A good alternative may be Roger and Gallet's Green Tea scent. It doesn't have the minty aspect that Arden's does. Bvlgari's Eau Parfumee is also good--with no minty smell.

  • LINDY LOU28/04/2004

    Try keeping your Green Tea in the frige during the summer months. You want a real ice tea feeling--that's what you'll get. Green Tea will leave you fresh and so feminine-smelling. My Green Tea is kept in fridge all summer long.

  • MIC22/04/2004

    This is such a relaxing scent, but still sexy. I only wear it, though, when I'm feeling bohemian. It's great for summer, with long flowy skirts and sandals, but also hot in the winter, with scarves, and gloves. Yum. I have nothing bad to say about this one!

  • ASRI25/02/2004

    It's a fresh summer parfume, suits for every active women, but too bad, not last really long, so im just keep using the body lotion only

  • MM06/02/2004

    very zingy. smells like eucalypts, lemon and toothpaste. it is energizing and refreshing, but kind of old fashioned (a bit boring). Doesn't last long either.

  • TINA15/01/2004

    Very clean and refreshing for a nice casual day. Scent intensifies when wearing the color green in my opinion.

  • CARLA30/12/2003

    Yuck pretty much says it, it smells like bush. Strikes me as an old lady fragrance

  • BONA08/12/2003

    i'd give the fragrance a 7 out of 10 but the scent lasts for maybe 30 minutes and its gone ... waste your money on another fragrance.

  • NACHTISCHE07/12/2003

    It's scent is too mild for me and it lasts like for an hour and it's gone ... doesn't even strike me as special ... just another scent they've whipped up and hoped would sell with the "green tea" mania.

  • NACHTISCHE07/12/2003

    It's scent is too mild for me and it lasts like for an hour and it's gone ... doesn't even strike me as special ... just another scent they've whipped up and hoped would sell with the "green tea" mania.

  • CHRISSY24/11/2003

    This scent has always appealed to me..even though its not something that I would wear. I think its a lovely choice if you are not into the floral and overly done scents. Its clean and fresh. I find it a bit light also..not sure about its staying power.

  • MICHAELA24/11/2003

    This fragrance is refreshing and uplifting, yet sensual also. My husband can't help himself with this one!

  • M.01/11/2003

    Had a sample of this and it smells like toothpaste,you know, like colgate.

  • NORA15/10/2003

    Nice. It is not chemical and synthetic smell, it is unpretentious, relaxing, aromatic and uplifting. And there are body creams, scrubs, shower gels...many, many thigs in bath range. I like to use it when I'm tired of everythig (of a "great perfumes" too). Why not!? Quality of the Green Tea is pretty good, what I like the most is that it is not - as I mentioned - artificial, vynile scent.

  • AMELIA14/08/2003

    i've never worn perfume before, given the fact that im only 15 and asian, but this perfume is great! it smells so so refreshing! young too, imo. my only complaint abt it is that NO ONE (except myself) knows when im wearing it!

  • MELBA08/08/2003

    I'm a mom over fifty and this is my signature scent. In my youth,I had used Opium and Jai'Ose,but somehow this one just grew on me the day my husband bought it.

  • MELBA01/08/2003

    My husband bought this one for me during his travels and it was indeed the best I've ever worn. Unfortunately,it was short-lived because one morning I took it up to spray some on,and it slipped from my hand and broke in many pieces!!! I never thought I'd get this fragrance ever again until my birthday came along. My daughter saved some of her pocket money & bought another one for me. If you're a mom over fifty like me,then I would truly recommend this one to anyone whatever the occasion. Thanks.

  • PI30/06/2003

    Nice and light, but fades fast - maybe I am just getting too used to the scent but I find that after 5-10 mins the top notes have faded considerably and the middle notes are rather weak. All in all, a very refreshing fragrance for casual, day or office wear.

  • JANE02/06/2003

    5 star !!!!!

  • JOYCE28/05/2003

    I found a way to lengthen the fragrence on me.....soaked a cotton ball and put in my bra. Also, I wear the cream deoderant. Viva Green Tea; it needs more essential oils but it's limey and refreshing...needs strength!

  • JOYCE26/05/2003

    This is a nice scent for summer, but too weak; it's gone in ten minutes.....Cool Water is like that on me and I think Green Tea is weaker.........willl they every learn?

  • MELISSA19/05/2003

    I really love this,it has actuallly grown on me now...its a favorite!!!!for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!

  • KARI-ANN14/05/2003

    Nice and Fresh !!!!

  • PATRICIA14/05/2003


  • MELISSA12/05/2003

    bought a gift set at the drug store for 15$. Cologne, lotion and bath gel. Its a good Saturday morning, "get the house cleaned" scent. Energizing but I don't find it very sexy or romantic. Wore it over the weekend but got sick of it after 2 days. I like it but not for everyday

  • LALA12/04/2003

    i liked it it was uplifting & spring time like scent & sweet

  • DANA30/03/2003

    Well, this doesn't smell like something that I would ever wear. In fact, I had to wash it off right after I tested it. It's unique, but not really wearable - not much pretty about it. Good car freshner though.

  • YTAN14/03/2003

    yuck. These green perfumes don't agree with my chemistry.

  • BRITTNEE26/02/2003

    I usually don't like EA fragrances at ALL. I don't know what it is about her line of perfumes, but every single one I try has too much alcohol. Very offensive at first spray like those cheap "imposter" perfumes. Green Tea is an exception to the other EA perfumes though. I thought this fragrance was extraordinarily clean and natural smelling. My boyfriend loves the smell on me because it's not too chemical smelling. It's definitely a spring/summer smell to wear on a sunny nice day. Only downside is that since it is such a light perfume, doesn't last very long at all. I'd say after about 3 hours its nonexistant. However there is a nice line of shower/bath products that could possibly extend the scent to all day if layered appropriately. Another good point is that this one is cheap. You can buy a huge bottle of it for under $20 if you are a good sale shopper. I suggest ebay. Beware though, it's addicting. And stay away from "True Love" by EA. EWWW! Nasty. Smells offensive like bug spray or cheap "body spray" perfumes in the aerosol cans. I'm not lying.

  • BRENDA16/02/2003

    i love green tea. i have tried all the green's on the market-then i came across e.a's right before my late summer wedding. am now addicted. haven't been able to find iced green tea. as far as for it lasting-have found that with layering(shower gel, lotion and powder) a little dab will do you.(lol) liked green tea so much, bought and ounce of green tea oil. lasts much longer. green tea is the perfect scent for spring and summer. we had a sunset outdoor wedding in aug. of '01. husband loved the scent. when i wear it now it reminds him of our wedding day.

  • GLORIA13/02/2003

    I used to work for E.A. but can't take this scent. Not special at all. I gave away all my free samples.

  • KACANDY12/02/2003



    I don't know why a couple people put this sent down. I absolutley love this sent on my girlfriend. When I give her a hug and put my lips and nose to her neck it drives me crazy. this sent is the best. I love it. Just wanted to add my opinion but another thing that helps is my girlfriend is flawless and the most beautiful thing god has ever created.

  • LLOZ03/02/2003

    This fragrance is light, pretty and refreshing. I really liked it, however, it has no staying power! I gave away a half bottle. Too bad b/c it is lovely.

  • LEAH31/01/2003

    I enjoy the fresh scent of Arden's Green Tea. It is light and tolerable. Many of my female coworkers have gone out and purchased it since smelling it on me. Someone posted that The Healing Garden's Green Tea smells the same. It is similar and cost a lot less. I purchased THG's Green Tea for a friend as a Christmas gift. She commented that she enjoyed it just as much as Arden's.


    This is a very delicious scent.Refreshing and clean smelling .

  • CHRISTY10/01/2003

    I never like any perfume just like it. It smell so natural and elegant, i will use it forever

  • SID03/01/2003

    This smells like what all of the newest cheap fragrances smell of, that late 90's green light scent. It will be off the shelves by next year.

  • INGRID10/12/2002

    I can't stand all those heavy scents around that scream: "I wanna be sexy! I wanna be sexy!" I'd like to find something light, but feminine. "Green Tea" seams nice to me for a relaxing, everyday scent, but it has not good staying power. Maybe this could be improved with using the whole bath and body line!?

  • LISA07/12/2002

    This is your average, trendy, run-of-the-mill fragrance. Greenteatherapy by The Healing Garden smells the same, and is cheaper. Like someone here said, these scents are manufactured while they're "in" then taken off the market when a new scent becomes the thang. Right now its fresh, light, green...I think those scents are gross. Only because everything smells like that nowadays. I prefer sharp florals for the most part, classic. I wouldn't wear something I didn't enjoy just because it's popular. And anything ORIGINAL would be a nice change of pace. Down with tea and greens!

  • LILY26/11/2002

    I have worn alot of perfumes but something keeps bringing me back to Green Tea. Worn with the lotion the staying power improves by %100. I love it!

  • LYNN22/10/2002

    Not too good......not too bad!!

  • SUZANNE07/10/2002

    I'll never forget how beatifull the perfume smells, its just mmmmmmm!

  • MICHELLE27/09/2002

    I TOTALLY agree with JO - Green Tea is awesome... it's like the smells you smell on a brisk fresh morning walk!! And I don't know WHAT viki's problem is - the bottle completely goes with the fragrance - simple(composition), clean(lines), light and not to sweet(color)!!

  • AMY23/08/2002

    This is definately an aromatic scent. The refreshing, fruity scent lifts my mood and energizes me! Great for Spring and Summer!

  • 2010WOMAN22/08/2002

    I really hate to say this but Elizabeth Arden fragrances are cheap and trendy. Think about it the popularity sunflowers and green tea will go the way of all the other trends in the fragrance business. These scents are created to last a couple of years then be discontinued. There's nothing wrong with that I guess and I must confess I do like the smell of Green Tea but unfortunately all the Arden fragrances are cheaply made. I purchased some 5th Avenue body lotion. And it smelled wonderful but after a couple of months it started to go bad and oddly enough it had no smell whatsoever. I have NEVER had that experience with any other body lotion I have purchased. Even the cheap ones you can buy at walmart last longer than that one did. If you buy Arden fragrances, and they do smell quite good, just remember to use it quickly before it goes bad or before it goes out of style.

  • CASEY21/08/2002

    I was so excited to get this perfume after reading some good comments about it... all i can say is that it smells like an air freshener. I have to admit, it does smells very refreshing. It doesn't last very long either... Thank goodness!

  • CINDY03/07/2002

    It smells nice and refreshing. Highly recommended to you, ladies.....

  • VONNI17/06/2002

    This one is wonderfully fresh and is perfect for the office and for summer, but it lasts such a very short time! After an hour I honestly could not detect it at all. They need to reformulate it with stronger foot notes or more essential oils.

  • BETHANY01/06/2002

    Good smelling;light and citrusy with a little bit of muskiness to round it out nicely. A pleasure to wear in the summer months. A nice alternative to the kind of scents that "overpower" in hot weather. Good scent :-)

  • BARBARA WELLMAN04/05/2002

    I bought this 2 months ago and the smell is lite and fresh but even with layering it with lotion it does not last long on me.It is a "office scent"(I work in one!)I wear 5th Avenue 95% of the time and I really enjoy E.Arden's scents over all.

  • YBW01/05/2002

    This is truly a unique,fresh ,and pretty scent the only problem is the STAYING POWER or lack there of I absolutely recommend it to anyone light or heavy fragrance people I think will both enjoy it and the drydown on me is spectacular .

  • STEPHANIE06/04/2002

    I agree with you, not a lot of staying power with this one. Maybe that's why I've seen it recommended on a few other sites as being good for "office wear", LOL.

  • STEPHANIE06/04/2002

    While this does smell nice it seems to have more of a body-spray type of smell to it than an EDP or T. Smells like it should cost a lot less than it actually does.

  • CARLA02/04/2002

    Refreshing but sharp, it refreshes you when you spray it on, for others it is sharp though, and then doesn't last at all. I prefer too refresh myself with a spray of plain water

  • LAURA30/03/2002

    I bought a bottle of Green Tea yesterday because I loved the scent in the store. The problem is that fifteen minutes after I apply it, it has completely faded away so that people standing right next to me report not being able to smell any fragrance at all. I spray liberally, too. A delicious scent, but unfortunately without staying power.

  • LIZ24/03/2002

    To those wanting something that lasts longer than the Green Tea, try the Iced Green Tea. It's very similar but has a peppermint/icy aspect to it. May be a little hard to find though.

  • LESLIE09/03/2002

    I'm only 17, yet I still love green tea, so I don't think it's ONLY for older women. It smells great!

  • K. REDWOLF07/02/2002

    I object to the description 'for young girls!' someone else put down. I'm in my 30s, and I don't like cloying 'skunky' fragrances, they nauseate me. Fresh is good. Yes, it's light, with a definite note of green tea scent (smell some imported Japanese green tea)and appropriate for business meetings where only a touch of scent seems like alot. Not overbearing for an interview either. Wish it lasted longer.

  • JEERIE06/02/2002

    this is a good every day perfume and my boyfriend loves that i wear it every day!!

  • AMY V29/12/2001

    A lot of perfume I enjoy give me a migraine and it makes me so mad! I never was like this until I started having allergies in my mid-20's.

  • SYSHY25/12/2001

    well, hope 2 have it someday

  • JENNYKAY19/12/2001

    Tried Green Tree this week and couldn't smell it. It's too light, not enough smell but I may give it another chance. I sniffed the Iced Green Tea, smells better - pepperminty

  • LT13/12/2001

    What a nice, wide range of products! WOW! 5 for the bath&body range, and 3/4 for the fragrance. EDP is better than EDT.

  • COCOCAPO27/11/2001

    I like to wear Green Tea as an every day perfume to work or play. It had a very fresh, clean smell that's not over-powering.

  • ARI17/11/2001

    it's just OK, refreshing and mild.

  • WG30/09/2001

    Aromatherapy concept and really a wide range of products (E.Arden - congratulations!!!), but the fragrance is nothing special. OK for young girls (15-25).

  • VIKI17/09/2001

    Well,you can't say it's really a perfume. It's kind of refreshing cologne,nothing very classy or especially elegant.But it is really refreshing, especially when you are tired. Bath line is great for relaxing. I think it's good for summer but as well for winter time. It's warm and pleasant and mild. Nice.You have all that Chanel, Dior or Lancome stuff for the evening, this is cool for casual, daytime or weekends. But I don't like bottles and that plain green colour, it looks so cheap. Somebody without inspiration made it!What a pitty!

  • DEBBIE26/08/2001


  • JO21/08/2001

    For a sensitive nose like mine, green tea is heaven sent. Perfume makes me sick to my stomach, I have not been able to wear anything but body sprays for 26 years, while shopping for perfume for my mother I found Green tea, I fell in love with it, and am still able to wear it, even with my sensitive nose. I definitely recommend this easy, light perfume to any wearer... Thank you Arden!

  • JACKIE30/07/2001

    The first time I smelled this fragrance, I immediately had to have a bottle. Withing a week I had purchased Green Tea, it'fragrance is unique, clean, not loud, soft & clean enough to wanna wear all the time!! It's great!

  • MADDY05/05/2001

    it's one of those fragrance that you'd be able to identify right's exotic yet innocent...very refreshing!

  • JENN04/05/2001

    this scent is great for warm months. Its refreshing and clean.

  • KIKI21/03/2001

    I just love this scent! Its so clean and it wont overpower you like some scents.

  • LORI10/03/2001

    This fragrance is great for hot weather. It's refreshing and really energizes me when I feel tired.

  • TMAR32004/01/2001

    This is a great fragrance! It's perfect for someone who doesn't like a really heavy scent.

  • XOXO15/09/2000

    Green Tea is a FUN scent. It has a very light, clean smell, and is perfect for the spring and summer months.

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