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Prada brings its unique fusion of tradition and innovation to the world of fragrance, reinventing the ancient art of perfumery by creating a fragrance of yesterday and tomorrow, a scent inspired by the past, that embodies the future. It is a fragrance that intertwines memory, reality, and possibility. Prada perfume notes include Bergamot Oil more

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Prada brings its unique fusion of tradition and innovation to the world of fragrance, reinventing the ancient art of perfumery by creating a fragrance of yesterday and tomorrow, a scent inspired by the past, that embodies the future. It is a fragrance that intertwines memory, reality, and possibility. Prada perfume notes include Bergamot Oil Italian, Orange Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Mandarin Flower, Mimosa India, Rose Absolute ABS, Schinus Molle ABS LMR, Peru Balsam, Patchouli Oil LMR, Raspberry Flower, Labdanum Resinoide LMR, Tonka Bean ABS LMR, Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Sandalwood Oil.

  • MRS SANDRA KILGOUR17/12/2013

    Lovely perfume and lasts a long time when worn. Very good value for money.

  • JAKQUA29/02/2012

    I feel you "orchid flower" on the "mass appeal". I too am a perfume lover and has probably sampled just about every perfume out there. Unfortunately, that is the trick with perfumes. If alot of people aren't already familiar with a fragrance and are wearing it, then it is probably NOT that good. I think it is because perfume is something that others share with us by the "smell" which means if no one thinks it smells good then no one will compliment it and if no one complements a fragrance we are wearing, we assume it does not smell good on us.....I too am always looking for the hidden treasure in a perfume (something that is really good that not everyone is wearing) if you run across any fragrances like that please let me know. As far as my experience with Prada, I purchased a bottle about two years ago. My mother who is 70, smelled it on me and fell in love with it. I gave her my bottle and because she now wears it, I can no longer wear it.

  • MAXXXXX18/04/2010

    wow i think i have found my holy grail perfume...i am so happy about this.tried a few times before and not really noticed how gorgeous it is...but all of a sudden ..want the other products too ...please ...:0 beleive me i have many perfumes....this is a spray ..wait...and wow.

  • ORCHIDFLWER03/03/2009

    I liked it. So do 20 million other women. I don't need to make a statement but I don't want to smell like every other woman at the mall, grocery store, doctors office. Everyone is wearing it!

  • HEATHER29/12/2008

    love this fragrance. must be in the mood to wear it, but when in the mood, it is fantastic!

  • ELSIE02/12/2008

    i haven't liked this perfume since it came out, but i recently got a mini in a gift set and tried it again and i LOVE IT!!! warm, sexy, and slightly sweet. now i'm sad i got the full size prada tendre in the gift set and not the regular prada!

  • TANINHA BRAZIL16/08/2008

    cool !!! always good meeting new people ... i live in lagoa ... love , love perfume ... tell me your favorite fragrances ... i love a great many of them ... i have a scent for every occasion , every mood ... us , women , always finding reasons to buy more perfume , makeup , shoes ... kisses !

  • LL15/07/2008

    Prada, is a perfum of hight quality, but I tried Prada Milano and I think it is beutiful

  • SHARON13/07/2008

    Not impressed with this one only because I can't pull off the whole patchouli fragrance. Too heavy and cloying.

  • JUDI W*14/06/2008

    Okay, I've been wearing it on & off, and it's nice, but on me, it fades. It's strong at first, but fades on me pretty quickly. It's pretty though, and some lady server, in Boston Market, said, "Girl, you smell nice, your a Diamond Girl." I thought she was quite kooky, and didn't understand what she meant, until I realized, she thought I was wearing, that new Armani fragrance. I do find it nicer than alot of the other fruity stuff out there.

  • ANNAMARIA03/06/2008

    They say in the description that this is meant to fuse the old with the new, or something along those lines. The weird thing is that when I smell this, I get transported back to my mum's dressing table back in the 1960s. That allure of a grown woman's make up drawer and powder has for a young girl. It makes me feel a yearning for those innocent days of old; it makes me think of a child's view of a lovely lady getting dressed to go out; it makes me think of sophistication, and yet love and compassion. Daft, but true. Saying all that, I have used Prada a few times and found the patchouli overbearing after a couple of hours, but I keep coming back to it. I have been reading these postings, and am going to listen to those who say go sparingly. I shall squirt just a little onto my wrists and rub that onto my neck. That should do the trick!

  • BARBARA W11/04/2008

    Prada is really nice. I tried it (once again!) at Sephora today, and it finally clicked. I enjoyed it immensely all day. I guess it was one of those fragrances that had to grow on me, and I'm glad it did!

  • PRETTY LIL MRS. MEMPHIS TN. 3812515/01/2008

    In regards to this posting: THE PUMP YANICK 05/11/06 10:01 PM I agree the pump is defected and absorbs the product quickly. I lost a large percentage of my precious liquid due to the pump. Please take a look @ this malfunction. My first bottle was just spray, however I wanted the pump, right now the pump is NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!!! for Prada. I'm on my way to purchase another bottle without the pump. The price is OK by me I just don't agree with wasting my money. I've gotten many, many compliments wearing Prada. Men usally find it to be SEXY, especially my husband. I also purchased the body lotion and it works excellent as well. Props to you PRADA, I please to find another agreeable scent.

  • JUDI W*13/01/2008

    I bought this fragrance for my Mom, she likes it alot, but to me, it's still too sweet. I have mixed it with my Patchouly by Etro, which makes it less sweet. Not crazy about it, but it's better than some of that fruity candy stuff out there now.


    this is my favorite perfume right now, it is the perfect blend/balance of all the things that make a fragrance wonderful AWESOME!

  • PATRICIA19/12/2007

    Prada is an elegantly sophisticated and very sensual fragrance that is best worn in the evenings and on special occasions. Because the scent highly concentrated, it should be worn very sparingly for maximum effectiveness. For daytime and casual use, I highly recommend Prada Tendre -- the longer it lingers, the more enticing it becomes. Enjoy!

  • DARRSHAN21/11/2007

    well if anyone says that it is similar to angel then it is not at all even a single part of this similar to angel, this is far far 100 times better than angel, prada is class and elegence in a bottle which i feel every perfume lover should try once, its style and quality, not overpowering, the notes r blended beautifully and work around in a charming manner, the right choice if u happen to choose.

  • MIRANDA23/10/2007

    A lady in our office wears this and although it has a unique pretty type of musky smell it comes off in my opinion as much too heavy, overpowering and elegant for workdays. I would only wear it to a black tie event or the opera where it would be perfect especially in the winter or cooler weather.

  • D12/09/2007

    i was fragrance shopping w/ my hubby recently, and they had Prada and Tendre out on the counter together. so just for kicks i smelled them both, as even with all the hype i have never checked Prada out. well, gotta tell ya, i could not *stand* the Prada. she put some of the body cream on my hand, and although it had a nice rich feel, i could wait to wash it off. it smelled just horrible on me. and of course i am not saying it is just an awful perfume, cuz i hate it when people make a blanket statement like that, but it was simply not for me. but Tendre on the other hand, was absolutely lovely, and i could not stop smelling my wrist. to me, it is the perfect autumn, into winter, type of scent. woodsy, and warm, but not too overpowering. wonderful. if Prada is too strong for you, check out Tendre. and i do agree that it has similarities to Coco mml, but i like Tendre better.

  • BARBARA W09/09/2007

    ...that I agree with the posters who say this doesn't smell like Angel, aside from the common patchouli note. If Prada smelled like Angel, I would hate it!

  • BARBARA W09/09/2007

    I like this more every time I test it. I really wanted to love this when it was first launched, so I was disappointed when I first tried it. Still don't love it enough to purchase a bottle, but it is intriguing and I keep going back to it. Must like patchouli to enjoy this one - fortunately, I do. :-)

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/09/2007

    Ryan, I have all 3 Pradas and can't honestly tell the difference between the intense and the regular. If you think the smell fades, ask someone else if they can still smell it on you... it might be just that you can't smell it anymore! It doesn't smell like Angel to me either. However I can see how people think it is similar to Obsession in style. The Tendre actually has a similar note to Coco Mademoiselle in my opinion -- and although advertised as lighter, I find it quite intense. I prefer the regular Prada perfume - love it actually. But its a definite autumn/winter fragrance.

  • WEENA PRADHAN05/09/2007

    I feel top of the world wearing this perfume and the scent lasts and lasts.

  • CATHERINE28/07/2007

    Prada does remind me of Obsession, too, but I like Obsession more. However, I prefer Prada to Angel (Angel smells bad on my skin). They're all in the same family of fragrances (spicy orientals), so if you like one, try the other. But, if you hate patchouli or powerful fragrances, you won't like any of them! ;-)

  • PERFUME JUNKIE14/07/2007

    As A. Dempsey said, all the fuss about this scent is because of the name. I find it pretentious. Just like Micuccia Prada.

  • GREEKGIRL27/05/2007

    To me this does not smell anything like angel(which i adore by the way) it smells more like madness by Chopard, why i think people are saying they smell alike is because they both have patchoulli, i think thats what people are smelling, i actually love this one and Angel cos i am a big patchoulli fan. 10 stars.

  • RYAN09/04/2007

    Ok, so a few more comments about Prada EDP. I have read numerous reviews on another website (Makeup Alley) where people were saying they thought this smelled just like Angel. I don't think they smell anything alike . . . at all!! Is it me? Does anyone here think that Prada smells like Angel? Also, I just ordered a bottle of Prada Intense today from ebay. Will update this site when I receive and try it out!!

  • RYAN07/03/2007

    I have to start off by saying that the original Prada fragrance is a gorgeous, ambery scent. However, on my skin it seems to only last between 1-2 hours and then I can no longer detect any of the scent. I can honestly say this would be one of my favorite fragrances, except for the poor longetivity. I am totally aware of the fact that it could be my body chemistry. I have read from a lot of other people that it lasts all day. I really want to test out the Prada Intense, but none of the dept. stores ever have a tester or even samples to give away. Has anyone actually tried the Intense version?

  • NINA16/02/2007


  • AINE DEMPSEY03/02/2007

    It smells like cheap air freashener the only reason it sells is because it brandishes the name 'prada'

  • KALINA02/02/2007

    i got this today before smelling not she if its just ok or if i hate it..its pretty string for damn sure..i dont like fragrances like this much..also i hate angel,basic instinct,desnuda,euphoria,burberry touch etc...

  • JUVENTAS31/01/2007

    after reading all the posts here about Prada, i knew it would be PERFECT for me, bec i adore deep, musky, almost unisex scents like NU by YSL and BLU NOtte. my brother got both the original Prada parfum and Tendre EDT and he screwed up his nose handing it to me. apprantly his gf tried it on and they both immed got headaches. but once i wore it he changed his tune, once even asking me what i had on, what a surprise that it was the very thing he hated before!!

  • JANA30/01/2007

    I received my prada perfume today and I love it!! These people here at emporium perfume have been great and did not send me a fake. I had an unfortunate experience not to long ago when I received a fake perfume. Keep up the good work and I am loving my perfume!

  • VANESSA SOLDAINI15/01/2007

    I love my Prada profumoooo!!!! I just got it yesterday and I can tell that is going to be a keeper!!! LOVES'IT!!!

  • DOTTIE06/01/2007

    Can someone tell me the difference between Prada perfume and Prada Tendre? I have tried Prada and I like the scent but it's too strong and overpowering for me. Is Tendre a better choice?

  • MARI20/12/2006

    This one REALLY is not for me...I was expecting something ...less overpowering, more elegant, soft, modern...This reminds me of Opium and those fragrances in the same family, which I think smell too...old! And I´m dissapointed because it appears that the brand counts more on it´s name than on the fragrance itself.

  • ELVA16/12/2006

    Looking to find the perfect signature scent. I currently have Estee'Lauder's Cinnebar, Amber Nude, I am looking for one that isn't really floral, or fruity, but will definetly get noticed, as these current ones have not for me. I have liked the smell of Coco Mademoiselle and Armani Code for women. Thanks, Elva

  • ARTEMIS10/12/2006

    I've been a Chantilly gal since sweet 16. I tried Obsession for a while but it was too strong and I developed an allergy to it. Shalimar is nice but doesn't last on me. I love all three. Prada lasts forever on me, and leaves a heavenly sandal wood and orange fragrance. It's not heavy at all, just divine!

  • LAWYER GIRL08/12/2006

    Great! That means it won't be what everyone is wearing! I love this perfume. On me it dry downs to a white chocolate/coco/soap flakes and something else in the dry down that I absolutely love. On a friend of mine it dries down to patchouli. (I love patchouli so that's okay) But it definitely does not smell the same on the two of us! Since the reactions are mixed and the fact that it doesn't smell the same on everyone --I hope that means it won't be what everyone is wearing!

  • AMY17/11/2006

    The most disgusting scent I have ever encountered. Smells like cigarettes or something. Yuk!

  • IONE13/11/2006

    It's okay I guess, but I couldn't get past the patchouli, which I like but not too much of it. I really expected more from the brand name Prada.

  • PERFUME PERSON13/10/2006

    This is great. It does not work for all. My friend can't wear it - it does not last on her. I get lots of compliments and it is not as sweet as Coco M or Coco. If you want something dry w/ a kick try Prada. No candy here! I want to try the Prada Intense next.

  • JAY24/09/2006

    this perfume is much too strong. i feel like it overpowers me when i wear it. and its not much of a scent either.. its one of those tawdry smelling perfumes that makes your head spin

  • DANY20/09/2006

    I think nivea deodorant lasts longer than this "parfume". After half an hour the smell of my hair conditioner and softener overpower prada even though I put it in copious amounts. The first spritz is excellent-rich, intriguing, outstanding-kiss of a dragon type. A few minutes later it is comletely different-sweet, poison type. the parfume is not of a good quality if it changes its character, its main stream. I understand there are several tiers or intensities that every parfume is going through. But changing its character from one to another note is just the sign of some flaw, of an ingredient missing. otherwise the first note is excellent.

  • CHRIS14/09/2006

    i have to say after reading some of the comments and doing some testing myself that Prada Prada does have a similarity to Obsession. Prada Tendre has a similarity to Coco Mademoiselle. Although its easier for me to wear than Madamoiselle. I havent tried the Prada Intense yet, but soon...

  • *BARBARA W*09/09/2006

    I was certain I would at least like this fragrance, but I finally tested it today, and it had a strange affect on me. My initial impression was that it was much too in-your-face and strong, but I thought - OK, let it dry down a bit...but when it did, it seemed oddly transparent, like a major part of it had disappeared! It didn't have the full, round body that I hoped it would. It just came across as...lacking. No complexity or interesting phases of drydown. It also reminded me strongly of another fragrance, but I can't put my finger on it. I'll give it another try later in the season, though. I've changed my mind about several perfumes recently, and maybe this will be one of them. I really do want to like it! :-)

  • VIOLA29/08/2006

    i purchased a bottle, and i could not believe how bad it has an old smell ,like someone took a bath and that stuff just would not go away.i should have sent it back ,but i ended up giving it to a sister who love it just because of the name,lol


    I love Prada, he's one of my favorite designers. Please send me same good size samples. Virginia

  • CHRISTOBELLE06/08/2006

    Wow, fragrantone, this one has massive staying power on me...even the next morning I can still smell it!!

  • PAT05/08/2006

    This fragrance is a new one for me and I do like it quite a bit. There is one thing I feel is important to say about it, a little goes a long way in my opinion. I'm careful not to put too much on because I don't wish to offend anyone, but rather have people tell me how nice I smell. Too much of anything can turn anyone away.

  • FRAGRANTONE24/07/2006

    While I like the scent of Prada quite a lot, it literally doesn't last even a half hour on me. One of my requirements for buying a fragrance is lasting power, and Prada failed that test miserably. I wondered at first if it was only my nose becoming used to the scent, but no; others can't smell it on me either. Unfortunately, this otherwise lovely perfume won't be added to my collection.

  • CHRISTOBELLE23/07/2006

    I dont think it smells like obsession, cocoa mademoiselle, or angel. It does have some of the same notes I guess, but I cant wear any of those and Prada is lovely on me. I detect some of the same notes in flowerbomb (i like it, but it smells like burnt sugar or candyfloss on top) and the same sensual notes as Armani Night, I guess a heady oriental. But Prada just seems more subtle, more wearable in the office. I am going to sample the new Tendre and the Intense and see how those differ.... Overall nice sensual fragrance on me.

  • PERFUME FAN18/07/2006

    I just love this fragrance, but it does not last 2 minutes on me. I'm so disappointed in it. Thankfully I did not spend any cash on it.

  • KRIS KING18/07/2006

    Why can't I buy samples of this perfume?? I mean how can you buy perfume if you don't know what it smells like! Kris

  • ROSARIA12/07/2006

    Hi Taninha, I've got a message for you . Please read the post "I'm from Rio too". I posted the message and forgot to address to you.

  • GINA D12/07/2006

    Funny that you said that about Cocoa Mademoiselle. I love the smell of it but after wearing it a while I feel the exact same way I pick up on a sickening sort of smell. It is such a shame too as I really do love the fragrance until I have it on for a couple of hours. Please let me know if you find out what it is. I have smelled Prada but haven't worn it yet.

  • ANNAMARIA05/07/2006

    Can anybody help me to identify if it's patchouli that I am finding hard to handle? Some perfumes are making me gag at the moment, and I am wondering if it's patchouli. What is this thing? Can anybody describe what it smells like? I bought Prada yesterday because I'd tried the sample and loved it. But after a day, I now start to feel sick when I smell it, and something in the perfume is standing out and making me feel yucky. I think it's the same thing that is in Coco Mademoiselle, and I think it might well be patchouli.

  • ROSARIA03/07/2006

    Hi, Taninha, I'm from Rio too! Vila Valqueire . I do also love perfumes!They are really very expensive in our country. Prada is also on my list. If you wish, send me an e.mail, I'll tell you the name of an online store (international) where you'll find incredible prices.

  • REBELRAT02/07/2006

    Lovely scent--powerful and kicky with a more sensuous dry-down. The problem? The stupid bottle design: It becomes nearly impossible to spray without using both hands once it starts to get low. And it leaks. Shame on Prada for coming up with something so nice, and then totally screwing it up with the packaging.

  • MARY R.01/07/2006

    To a previous poster who said a man was wearing this, it could be that he is wearing the ladies' version, or the new men's that just came out. Actually, I find the ladies' version to be almost masculine in nature. This is not a femme/girly scent. I could imagine a man wearing this.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL27/06/2006

    i could not agree with you more ! i too love orientals and have loved them forever ... and men do love the way a woman smells when how she smells reflects who she is ... wear the perfume dont let it wear you ! ps .. i still dont own prada , bc its too expensive here in rio ... but it is indeed an all woman scent ! ps.. i love your taste in fragrances too . kisses , taninha. 1

  • PEYTON21/06/2006

    this perfume is very sexy..when i wear it, i feel HOT and SEXY and by the way men have responded to it, they think the same. This perfume will make his head turn when you walk by. It is a definite attention getter...:)

  • *BARBARA W11/06/2006

    ...she said to avoid fragrances like Prada if you want to attract a man, because men are attracted to "home baked" scents, not strong orientals. I wear Prada, Opium, Kenzo Jungle, Black Cashmere, Obsession, Casmir, etc (all VERY spicy orientals w/incense and patchouli), and I get many more compliments from men than when I wear fruity, sweet, vanilla based fragrances. I suppose the younger crowd might like the "safer" perfumes better, but if you're over 30 and want to attract mature, sophisticated men, fragrances like Prada will do the job. But, the real bottom line is - wear what YOU like and what makes YOU feel attractive. If you wear a perfume that reflects your personality, you will feel happy, sexy, and confident wearing it, and that aura will project to those around you. That is what attracts men, not smelling like a cookie. Go with your instincts, wear what you love, and forget trying to please everyone else (men included).

  • RACHEL19/05/2006

    What a long time we've waited for one of the best designers to come up w/ a fragrance. Its just as sexy as the clothes feel when you place them next to your skin. Thanks for a great scent, I love it :)

  • YANICK11/05/2006

    Would rate this product "excellent" if it weren't for the pump. The scent is fabulous but the pump became defective 1/4 through.

  • NICOLE11/05/2006

    This is one of my all time favorite scents. I recieved a huge bottle for my birthday and was instantly in love. People complain of the incensy tones but that is what I love about it. Very Unique and totally me.

  • PERFUME ADDICT05/05/2006

    As soon as I tried this perfume I knew I had to buy it. It reminded me of shalimar, angel and coco madamoiselle, all of which I wear.

  • KARLA03/05/2006

    I think the woman who wears this is sexy, and mysertious. Just a great, modern scent

  • SHALINI25/04/2006

    Prada is an ecxellent quality fragrance made for a sexy sonfident woman. So basically it really does not matter your age or what you look like, it's all in the way you carry yourself and the way you feel. Prada is meant to just enhance those awesome qualities you woman already have. I just love this scent. Last a long time, and wears so well in the way that it melds with you skin and your own scent to make you smell and feel fantastic. This is for all woman out there who love themselves enough to know that they are worth the best there is :>)

  • KALANI04/04/2006

    prada smells like rich creamy dark chocolate. a bit powdery, warm and luscious. this is just a deliscious scent that my BF adores.

  • SICILIANA31/03/2006

    Prada is a unique sexy scent for a sexy unique woman. Oh yeah for a women baby! This is something that a confident woman would wear to a business meeting as well as to a romantic dinner date and/or to a bedroom. A very versatile perfume.

  • MAGGIE26/03/2006

    I do LOVE Prada, so spicy yet so velvety soft. But it only works on my skin if I take very little of it. This one was expensive, but it will last long, even if I use it often, as I am very careful about how little I put on. Too much of this is absolutley not nice! But the right amount makes it a stunning fragance. Longlasting, too!

  • ELIZABETH24/03/2006

    This has to be the most luxurious , most sensual, most everlasting fragrance I have used for a very long time. The most delicate of fragrances lingers with you and seems to get better by the hour.. Love just being PRADA!!

  • LIZZIE18/03/2006

    prada smells like an older perfume that has been brought out into a modern setting-- giving it more class and less of that moth-ball harshness that always makes me run screaming from "classics" like fendi, shalimar, obsession, etc. so i definitely respect this fragrance, but it is NOT for me... too spicy, too strong, too angular (if scents could take shape). i like scents that make me grin, and this one's just too stuffy, although i wouldn't call it unbearable or old. i CAN fall for spicy fragrances, but this smells like the fragrances i usually love, minus the fruits and vanilla. not my cup of sunshine, colorful tea (i'm in my mid twenties, for refrence's sake, but age isn't always an indication of preference). glad for the ladies who DO enjoy prada! :-D

  • TAL14/03/2006

    I absolutely love this perfume. I have had more compliments on this from both male & female. My husband is not a big perfume person but seems to like this one.

  • DANY14/03/2006

    I just would like to refer to samantha`s message of 11/12/05 as I was browsing the comments and accidentally ran into this inteligent one. I totally agree with her and would like to point out that Cartier Dragon and some ancient Guerlains do smell as she described it - unapproachable. Prada may be cathegorised to my mind as one of these offensive, yet classy ones, which I personally adore. However men do tend to stick to floral orientals (J`adore) or sweet, bakery ones like Dior Hypnotic Poison.

  • BILLEY T26/02/2006

    I think it is a very nice fragrance but it reminds me of Obsession Sheer also when I tried it in the Mall. It's lighter and there are some different notes but I think it's close. I like Obsession Sheer (sparingly) and since they are close I like Prada too.

  • CASSIE23/02/2006

    I've ordered this after reading some posts and sampling on a test card. Today I actually sampled on my skin. Big mistake! Big mistake in that I shouldn't have ordered without sampling on skin first.Sometimes you strike it lucky, other times not! It's not that I don't like this. I like it alot but to me it is just another copy of Obsession by CK.And I might add, Prada is way more expensive than Obsession. I so remembered it being different on the test card. Lesson ladies?? Don't ever be seduced and order on a " test card whim!!"

  • LOVELY21/02/2006

    i havent smelled it yet but from what i hear its something that i would like. i'm going to go ahead order it.

  • ALINA20/02/2006

    I am curious to know the average age of the woman who buys this perfume. I am not a Guerlain Girl..yet there are several similarities. To me Guerlain is for the more mature OLDER woman. I liked Prada...and my date had to think about it for over an hour before deciding...i think it grew on him...just like it did me..initially i reacted TOO STRONG...then after an hour or so...i loved it Ali

  • CLARISSA20/02/2006

    I always consider myself as an oriental lover cause I love quite a lots of heavy and heady classic orientals such as Chanel Coco, Guerlain Samsara, YSL Opium and even some more latest such as Gucci EDP, Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon, and many others of these kinds. However, I was not impressed when I tried this one in a department store. It smells rather light and has an elusively sweet hint of orange companied with a seemly complex base note. However, it seems to lack an astonishing power to mesmerize me instantly as many others that I adore. I agree that it does have some sorts of classic charms but overall it is very much like just an excerpt derived from some more complex and dark oriental compositions, which is just not enough for me.

  • CASSANDRA19/02/2006

    Prada is so nice, I love its powdery fragrance. I like it better then Fendi cuz I too think that it smell similar just updated and better. For sure worth the money.

  • JESS D.02/02/2006

    Prada is a 'new Fendi' with more freshness and yet more elegance somehow too. I guess they modeled it after Fendi just added a 'new twist' to it. I really like it, in fact much more then I've ever liked Fendi.

  • GRETTE30/01/2006

    Prada makes me feel sophisticated and dressed-up. It's smooth, sexy and draws very positive attention from both men and women. This is one of my favorites!

  • APPOLLIONIA24/01/2006

    Prada is so delicious but also very grown-up. My mom wears this and she smells like a queen. I love the way she smells when she gets ready for work in the morning and drives me to school, and she still smells so good when she picks me up after school too. I want to smell like that too, so she lets me wear it when we go shopping together on the weekends.

  • JAN17/01/2006

    I tried it in the dept. store and imediately thought of Obsession. Also, Must makes me think of Obsession. Has anyone else noticed?

  • KISSUKKA15/01/2006 Guerlain! Maybe it is the leathery aspect, benzoin or something? Similarly not too flowery a perfume, quite unisex. My new favourite (after Jicky, of course)!

  • FROFRO14/01/2006

    A classy, sophisticated scent. I have to agree that it's somewhat similar to Obsession - albeit only in spirit. The fragrances have very little in common, although they do convey the same type of personality. Chances are, if you liked Obsession, you'll like Prada.

  • FROFRO14/01/2006

    I agree! The shower gel (cream, whatever...) is absolutely disgusting. I have no idea what they put into it, but it almost makes me gag (while I love the fragrance itself, they're doing something horribly wrong with the shower gel). The body lotion was ok in my case, though; perhaps a tad fruitier than the fragrance (actually, the body lotion reminds me a LOT of CK's Euphoria)

  • FROFRO13/01/2006

    I haven't dropped the bottle, but I agree about the design - the pump just stops working properly after a (short) while. I don't know what it is, but this applies to both the smaller and larger bottles. It's very disappointing. The bath and body line, too, is poorly designed - they try too hard to be cool, forgetting about things being actually usable.

  • MAGDA09/01/2006

    Prada is one of those scents that leaves you feeling like a million bucks. If you need that boost of confidence when out in public or even with those you love; especially when public speaking, (making a speech at a wedding or for an important work meeting), I think that this is the one to choose. There is no one and nothing that can get to you when you smell this good. I would recommend this to all grown-up women - no matter what age! Grown-up can easily be 18 or 35 or 50 or 66 that all depends on the woman in question.

  • STELLA05/01/2006

    Really ladies this Prada fragrance is totally in a class of its own. Sorry to disagree but this is not a scent that is like others at all. It's distinguished and classy and very provocative, not stand-offish as another poster said. Prada is über alles!!!

  • ISIS05/01/2006

    With 5 stars. I love how many complements I get when I wear Prada. It makes me feel so glam! Prada you rock!

  • GIANNA03/01/2006

    Prada, is not just a name in this case ladies. Prada, is in a class of its own this time!!!!! This fragrance is utterly feminine, so I have no idea why would anyone describe it as masculine at all. Some of you might have your wiring crossed a little perhaps LOL. But really no offense this is just a beautiful scent with an incredible drydown.

  • ISIS02/01/2006

    The dry down of Prada really reminds me of Narciso Rodriguez FOR HER. I love both and think that they are in many ways their own individual fragrances but the dry down is pretty similar with creamy and musky sort of aroma that carries on throughout the day. Oh, and they both wear very well, but Prada is perhaps a bit better. I think it is worth every penny to smell as good as that. Sexy and distinctive smell that says that the wearer has an interesting personality and is unafraid to be herself - a bit bold a bit show-offish but why not look at us WE ARE SMART AND BEAUTIFUL :) AND OH SO WORTH IT!

  • MAYA02/01/2006

    Thanks for the warm wishes and compliments... I wish you all the best too and look forward to reading your posts in the future as well... especially seeing that our tastes are so similar... I too just love Hanae Mori, Presence, Casmir, Coco, Lolita Lempicka, Opium Summer (have not tried this one), Sotte Voce, Nu, Black Cashmere, Paul Smith London, & Allure Sensulle and I know about the indecisiveness on Angel. But, Prada too is really an excellent scent and I really do enjoy wearing it.

  • SYLVIE30/12/2005

    Prada is now 1 year on the market and I tested it from time to time. I like it - it's a very special and original fragrance. May I say it smells aristocratic and high-class?? Elegant, complicated, sophisticated and one of the finest fragrances in the last year. I think it's a keeper, but I will not buy it. I miss something warm, sweet and cosy in Prada. I need more edible vanilla in my life :-). Prada is posh & sexy, but not *ultra-feminine*! More borderline unisex, because it's a chypre-oriental. Prada is a fragrance for self-confident ladies, too serious for young, carefree girls. Today many fragrances for men smell much sweeter than Prada. I smell a similarity to Fendi classic, Black Cashmere, Madness and Halston Z14 (for men).

  • CHICKEY2625/12/2005

    Wow, I really like this scent. I expected to find it a but too trendy/modern without a lot of depth but it is very warm and lovely. The other fragrances that I like currently are Hanae Mori, Presence, Casmir, Coco, Chance, Lolita Lempicka, Opium Summer, Sotte Voce, Nu, Black Cashmere, Paul Smith London, Lancome Attraction, Allure Sensulle and the jury is still out on Angel. I tend to enjoy warm, spicy ambery notes and even love Patchouli...find it very sensual. I have seen it posted that some say patchouli smells like dirt. I do think it can be earthy yes, but dirt? Oh well. Does anyone else besides me have a problem with scents being lumped into categories like "old lady" "for the young only".."childish". I can appreciate that to each his own regarding prefernces and taste but I think the woman who wears the scent makes or breaks it by her style, flair, personality, mood, fashion sense and body chemistry. Does this make sense? BTW, I have enjpyed reading your many posts Maya for quite some time and I love your comments and taste in fragrences as well. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! (hope Santa brought you all a fragrence you love!) Anyway back to Prada, I really do love it..seems to be my new favorite. I do wish it had a tiny bit more staying power though.

  • CONFUSED19/12/2005

    The notes of Prada are very unique. I do not know what many of them are. Does anyone know what LMR or ABS means? By the way, Prada is a gorgeous, sexy, modern scent. Love it.

  • FRIDA16/12/2005

    This is a "classy" fragrance, perfect for all occasions. Mostly it's a fragrance of activity and all day freshness, and into the night hours of elegance. It's perfect for the women in the CEO chair, who has to spend hours in meetings and boardrooms, just as is perfect for any other woman in any other profession. Its oriental woodiness gives it depth and body. It brings the feeling of earthy sensuality and charisma into the boring office routine. And most of all, you can sense it on you all day. It's a 'wake up and lets get on with life' fragrance. And if you go straight from work to a romantic dinner, the rose and vanilla twined with musk and sandalwood gives an illusion of romance and candle glow dinners. It's versatile, vibrant and spicy. Prada is a keeper in my opinion! By the way Maya, I agree with you 100%! Expression is a very important aspect of life, but not something everyone can appreciate or know the art of!!!

  • MAYA16/12/2005

    Hi there and thank you! I mean why be rude and ignorant... This is a board I truly enjoy and love reading posts from, but when you see responses like that one, well that just makes me sad (for her mostly)... Happy Holidays to all!!!

  • SICILIANGIRL14/12/2005

    You go girl! If you notice the time she wrote that she was probably high on the stuff.

  • TSUNEKO14/12/2005

    Scent is extremely important to me and I believe scent helps build a persons character and charisma. Prada is very subtle yet sexually enticing and very classy. The enchanting notes send out signals of sophistication, and flirtatious controversy. This is definitely a fragrance for the Challenging and Sensual Woman, who’s not afraid to embellish her innerself. This beautiful perfume makes me feel elegant, feminine and spoilt, and even sexy! Subtle but strong, sweet but sexy.

  • ANTONELLA14/12/2005

    You will definitely be noticed with this beautiful scent. Many people have walked by and asked me what perfume I am wearing. It is a classy and elegant scent that is perfect for the winter months day to evening. It is long lasting and the aroma is just divine. Definitely a perfume that will turn heads.

  • MAYA13/12/2005

    Your anger at not being quite literate is understandable - as is also evident from the angry and illiterate tone and structure of your post ("Ya'll are all crackheads")... After all, it must really be hard not being able to express yourself in a grown-up, coherent manner. Darling, perhaps you know too much about being a "crackhead", but this issue is something you might have better luck resolving with the help of a professional. Why insult people you do not know? But then that is yet another issue you might want to have looked into! Happy Holidays! And I hope you actually do find some happiness!

  • BARBIE12/12/2005

    The only good about this perfume is the name brand don't be fooled by the high price of it because, trust me it is not worth a dime. Don't get biased by the brand!

  • KRISTIN11/12/2005

    Ya'll are all don't use emotions to describe the quality of a fragrance.... it's just perfume... it's not luck or inspiration nor is it a fantasy or whatever you crazy emotional people wanna say about it.... it's just good...that's all that needs to be said

  • TONI08/12/2005

    This stuff is horrible. I can't believe anybody would actually want to smell like this. It's got too much of something in it, I can't pinpoint it, maybe it's patchouli as so many on these boards have pointed out. But it's too strong, too incense-y, just too UGH!!!!

  • SHELL30/11/2005

    This sent, smells nithing like the CoCo Mademoiselle. Mademoiselle after awhile starts to become sicking. The sent is too Sweet in a strange way. I wore it for about a month then gave it away in made my stomach hurt. Prada is a sent that is timelees and always enchanting I love it.

  • AMY J28/11/2005

    I wore Shalimar to the prom in 1985. My signature scent at the time. Prada seems sweeter to me, maybe less of a bergamot citrusy top note. Prada has patchouli and If you like patchouli you might want to try le baiser du dragon by Cartier--my favorite for the moment.

  • WATERQUEENE22/11/2005

    Samantha: I agree with Maya 110%. Never wear perfume for a man! Wear it for the way it makes you feel about yourself, and the men will follow.

  • GWENDOLYN20/11/2005

    I was in one of the major dept. stores recently and gave Prada a whirl. It reminded me of my Aunt Rita ... she has always been fond of Shalimar. That is what immediately struck me with Prada ... it's Aunt Rita! Shalimar is not for me - but I do appreciate it (it's been around for 80 years - something is right, just not for me.) Prada struck me as a little more modern version of Shalimar ... they share many of the same notes and the dry down is similar. If you like one, chances are you'll like the other.

  • AMINA17/11/2005

    this is the most distinct smells, even i can't tell what exactly its like. but i'll try, its warm, its lasting, its powdery WITH peppery notes, with a touch of french soap. its classy, and trust me its again Veery lasting, its not for everyone. always try before you buy. different body types, different chemistry. it suits me, and I love it, the only problem is my husband thinks its too masculine and says i'm wearing a mens perfume, and so that is a turn-off, but its very smooth and creamy scent! i like it. I use mine on special occasions. Quite strong. :) which is good :))

  • KINSEY17/11/2005

    This is lovely, and elegant, and very, very, very...very sweet. It's way too sweet on me. It smells like the result of Obsession mating with Angel. I enjoy smelling this on others, but it gives me a headache and the feeling that I've eaten too much candy.

  • BERNADETTE15/11/2005

    I love the perfume. However, in the past 6 months I have accidently dropped and broken two almost full bottles of perfume which was a loss to me of €100. I have never dropped any other bottle of perfume. I would like to write to the manufacturers about the bottle design - does anyone know who I write to? Also, has anyone had a similar experience?

  • KASMAT12/11/2005

    I expected it to be a scent for a strong confident independant women, all you get is baby powder with a dash of patchouli. Sooo disappointed. Not what I expected.

  • SUE C12/11/2005

    This scent is like one of those naughty desserts that you just have to have - it's rich, sweet, caramel-praline-like, creamy & spicy. Not for daylight or the outdoors. Enjoy.

  • KALILA10/11/2005

    Prada brings its unique fusion of tradition and innovation to the world of fragrance, reinventing the ancient art of perfumery by creating a fragrance of yesterday and tomorrow, a scent inspired by the past, that embodies the future. It is a fragrance that intertwines memory, reality, and possibility. Prada perfume notes include Bergamot Oil Italian, Orange Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Mandarin Flower, Mimosa India, Rose Absolute ABS, Schinus Molle ABS LMR, Peru Balsam, Patchouli Oil LMR, Raspberry Flower, Labdanum Resinoide LMR, Tonka Bean ABS LMR, Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Sandalwood Oil. Just sensational!!! My new favorite!

  • PERFUME CHIQUITA09/11/2005

    When I smell this, I think of a regal elegant russian woman, pouty and blond, who loves cashmere, designer purses and sometimes, black leather pants. Why russian? Maybe the incensey amberyness of it. And to answer Samatha, yes I agree with your image but not your idea of men's preferences. There are many men who like deep sensual scents, though I would wear a guerlain instead of this, personally.

  • MAYA02/11/2005

    Prada is by far one of the best... but if you have to wear a scent that smells like home-baking to attract a man there just might be something wrong there. No offense but think of it this way... what kind of a man do you want to attract? If it's 'mama's boy' you want, you know the one who will expect you to do everything for him, and remind him of his mama to boot, then by all means go for a scent that works for you. But, and this is just a personal opinion, if you are the type of a woman who wants a strong man who will stand on his own two feet and be there for you too and not only the other way around, then I think that Prada really is the answer. And as far as going to say that Prada is an intimidating scent, well in a way I do agree, but that is just the point in some ways as well... Prada smells classy and sophisticated. The scent reminds me of a woman who is an intellectual, she is self-confident, and attractive and she knows it and is proud of it all... her mind, her body and her spirit... And no she is not a 'bubbly' kind of 'girl' who will laugh at everything a guys says and agree with all his opinions just so she would be liked, even though she might not agree... Samantha you are attracted to this fragrance not because you are an 'air-head', but because you too are a self-confident, strong woman... The question I have for you then is, why would you want to hide that from the man you hope to attract?

  • REBECCA27/10/2005

    At first it's like WO!!! That's unexpected, this is definately for a confindant woman. I don't personally own this scent, but it has grown on me recently. I was instantly repelled, and now the softer dry down pulled me in. I heard someone mention the difference between american and european perfumes, and agree that the later has a higher oil content and is much bolder. In the winter, I'm sure this is more wearable to me. Sometimes you need a big change of direction with perfume.

  • SHERIDAN26/10/2005

    I really wanted to like this fragrance, as it seemed I kept hearing good things about it. It definitely makes a strong statement, but I couldn' t wear it. All I could smell is a mix of baby powder and patchouli... I gave it three stars though because I love the bottle, it's definitely something different, and I am sure it smells good on other people.

  • SAMANTHA07/10/2005

    I love this fragrance, but I've noticed that it is quite strong and overpowering. If this perfume were a person, I would say they were regal, upwardly mobile and pretentious(like its designer name)But I expected Prada to create a smell like this and not a candy-like teeny bopper scent scent. After all, this is Prada. Although my women friends love it on me, because it is modern, sophisticated and classy, I've noticed several men tell me it is very strong and intimidating. I'm not an expert in perfumary, but I must say that I agree with these men. It's a great scent to wear, if you want to express to the world that you are a classy, modern and sophisticated woman who is successful in her career, however if you want to seem approachable and want to attract a man, I would stick to the sweeter scents that have vanilla,cinnamon and musk in them(fruity/oriental)..I've read(as it has also been researched) that men are attracted to sweet, home-baking-type of scents like vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon...not pachouli.. Prada is a great scent and you will definitly get noticed if you wear it. I just wouldn't wear it to attract the oppositie sex.

  • ALLISON R.04/10/2005

    Yak! This scent is to smokey and peppery. I think all of the oils in this one make it over the top strong. It reminds me of a bar-b-cued peppered steak. I like Presence, and Herba Fresca.

  • ROBIN 19/09/2005

    I just remembered that I was wearing Prada at work and a woman said, "Oh, you've got that lovely Fendi on!". I've never tried them side by side, but she was positive there were strong similarities, so there's another one for you to check out. BTW, I've just sprayed a little Theorema on me to see if I was on the right track, and I do think you may love it -- it's not as spicy as Black Cashmere, but woody and incensey with perhaps a hint of bitter orange -- but not in the too-sweet, fruity way. Aren't fragrances AMAZING? Oh, and I've also got a bit of Lancome's Attraction on one wrist (does anyone else sit in bed reading, wearing several different fragrances to sniff from time to time? It's one of my favorites hobbies!) and you might really like it as well. Lots of patchouli, freshened with iris: not enough to be too floral, just enough to lift it and give it wearability and freshness. There you go!

  • ROBIN 19/09/2005

    Hello! You were looking for un-fruity/floral scents, more along the woody/oriental line, and it occured to me that you might love Black Cashmere by Donna Karan. It's smoky, woody, incense-y, without a whiff of floral. Also, although you might find it hard to track down, you might want to try Theorema by Fendi. It's in the same family, and perhaps a little sweeter and softer without being at all cloying. Have fun and good luck!!

  • DARLA10/09/2005

    Love it....BUT, it has its place. Too strong for the office or casual day-wear. Definitely for a special occasion or evening out. Great scent for a wedding or other occasion where lots of ladies will be. You will definitely stand out wearing Prada!!

  • ELSIE23/07/2005

    i think i'll have to give this one another try...i sampled it shortly after it launched and honestly had to wash it off my skin. i haven't heard anyone else complain about this, but i thought it smelled like lemon pledge or something...weird! but i think i'll definitely give it another go.

  • DENISE09/07/2005

    I think this smells gross,it reminds me of someone that has not washed and is trying to cover up the stink with perfume,all i really can smell in it is patchoulli,it just smells strong and dirty smelling,this is just my opinion,for those of you who wear it don't be offended,if you like it then thats all that matters

  • CALYPSO08/07/2005

    Thanks for the all the comments. I am shopping for a new fragrance and I have always has such trouble. Everything seems to change on me a lot and I end up throwing away or giving away half of whatever I buy. I have really liked reading all the reviews to help me narrow my search. I tend to like woodsy/oriental scents (and hate floral/fruity). I liked the magazine inserts from Prada and vow to try it out. Any suggestions for similar scents - or general suggestions for testing scents? Right now I have been sticking with scented oils, as they tend to change less on me.

  • BEBE BULLET28/06/2005

    true transformation. veil of silk on skin. loveliness. inspiration to wake up from a romantic dream. very nice,

  • MCOCTEAU20/06/2005

    come on, it's not only because they are strong ans spicy that it's the same fragrance! angel is disgustingly sweet, addict is very queen-of-the night flowery, Black Cashmere is spicy and smoked. Prada it's a patchouli ambery dream...If you think they smell the same, compare Angel to Les Feminines Nirmala by Molinard, Escada Magnetism to Wish Chopard and Dolce Vita (the perfume) to Shiseido's Feminité du bois. or most of the new masculine fragrances!

  • MCOCTEAU20/06/2005

    honestly, i'm in love with the perfume but i think the body line sucks! I've tried the body lotion and the body cream and they smell more the patchouli than the perfume. ok for the smell, maybe women want to smell more the patchouli! but the lotion and the cream leave the skin very sticky and oily, nothing to have with the subtility of the perfume...wait till they reformulate it!

  • AMNA06/06/2005

    the first time i smelled it--it just seemed to stick out and last long. I loved the scent, definately very different from all the does not smell like CK one or whatever by the posts that i have read..its a feminine but masculine powdery scent...with light hint of chocolate. i know it sounds weird but i like it. as for hubby..every time i wear it he says i smell like a man..and its a very masculine scent. I however do not think so! :)) its different ladies, and again, this is a strong scent that WILL last throughout the day and night. I LOVE PRADA.

  • MOON21/05/2005

    Yes, this perfume may be silimar to some others but it surely has good portion(more plant extracts) than others and it last longer on skin. There is a headen punch in this perfume and quietly sexy. That's what I like.

  • ADRIYON18/05/2005

    this parfum is breath taking. it smells just like angel however it smells as though it delivers a touch of class.

  • NIKITA 10/05/2005

    Has that same Shalimar aftersmell but it does smell better. I would go with gucci Rush or Dior addict to save money

  • ALAYNEY25/04/2005

    Here's what I found on a site describing Prada. I LOVE it by the way and I'm VERY fussy. It reminds me of Coco Madamoiselle which I also LOVE and own. Prada brings its unique fusion of tradition and innovation to the world of fragrance, reinventing the ancient art of perfumery by creating a fragrance of yesterday and tomorrow, a scent inspired by the past, that embodies the future. It is a fragrance that intertwines memory, reality, and possibility. Prada perfume notes include Bergamot Oil Italian, Orange Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Mandarin Flower, Mimosa India, Rose Absolute ABS, Schinus Molle ABS LMR, Peru Balsam, Patchouli Oil LMR, Raspberry Flower, Labdanum Resinoide LMR, Tonka Bean ABS LMR, Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Sandalwood Oil.

  • SUE H08/04/2005

    Beautiful - wish it had a stronger fragrance and whole range of accessories

  • D.D.29/03/2005

    If somebody have tried body lotion or some other Prada bath & body products, please tell me what are they like. The EDP is quite alluring to me, it is warm and comforting, but not overwhelming and not too agressive. i think I'll give it a try.

  • TOPAZ16/03/2005

    A guy came into the office today and he smelt relly good I ask him what he was wearing and he said prada and that it was a unisex scent. Has any one heard of a unisex sent by prada

  • DIDI13/03/2005

    I am making an essential oil based body oil and am interested in determining the oils in Prada. I know it is amber based with some vanilla. Any info you have on this would be helpful. Thanks

  • TONY T05/03/2005

    i am 25 so camparing my age to yours might be different but i love envy me, touch of pink, and vi but this is for n older elegant peach of a woman

  • ARIELLA04/03/2005

    I smelled this in an ad in allure mag. My first reaction was not very good! Oh man, this reminds me of the new victoria secret basic instinct perfume somewhat. Only different, there both very bold. I wouldn't wear this even though I love a bolder scent ever so often for special events. The patchouli is out weighing the other parts of it to me. I don't know where this went wrong, but don't think it's going to be another hit like poison was before. Just because it's prada, people will buy it. It's all about the image and the ad's these days.

  • SUZETTE03/03/2005


  • JT02/03/2005

    This primarily amber scent is just not for me. Amber is not my type of smell, and honestly, it just smells so old. I am 39 yrs. old but still it is too old ladyish for me! Some will not agree, but it is just my personal opinion. I love Lolita Lempicka and Hypnotic Poison, but they are about as "old" as I will go... LOL...

  • MICK24/02/2005

    Coming from a man's point of view, all I can say about this fragrance is wow. I smelled a sample of this and was blown away. I agree with the previous post-this is not a teeny bopper's scent. This is for the modern sophisticated woman who wants to attract a modern sophisticated man. The best woman's fragrance I've smelt in the last several years.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC09/02/2005

    When I initially smelled this fragrance I HATED it. In fact, I gave away my large bottle of it that I bought smell unsmelt from eBay, (figured if it was Prada it had to be good) because it provoked an enormous headache. Decided to give it another try however. Its a strong scent which when first goes on can be quite overpowering...however, it does change after a bit to something quite nice. I do agree with one of the former posts that said it resembles obsession (not intially tho). I also agree that this is not a teeny bopper scent, this one's for the big girls.

  • WAFA SHABAN07/02/2005

    I have seen the new Prada perfume with my friend. She has the strong smell (maroon bottle) but I could not find it in your e-mail sight only I could see the pink bottle. May I know how much the maroon bottle cost and in which sight I could find about it. Thank you,

  • DIVINE DIVA03/02/2005

    I loved this fragrance which I discovered by accident while shopping at Sephora's. I must say it reminded me of something from afar. However it does not smell like Angel at all, as some have stated. All I wear is Angel and while some of the notes are similiar it has a different flare. It does not smell like Coco Mademoiselle either, I wear that as well. It does have a strong personality attached to though. Yes this is a perfume for strong Diva's like myself. Young Girls need not try it! I'm purchasing a bottle this weekend and look out!

  • JUDI W.**02/02/2005

    I smelled this fragrance on some woman coming out of the elevator, and it smelled nice on her. (smelled the patchouli but sweeter) But on me it just smells sweet. I don't like sweet smelling fragrances. It does smell a little like Obsession but on me not as nice as on that lady!!!

  • SHARRIE29/01/2005

    smells great. beautiful thoughts. timeless in a bottle. bonne. sweet nectors. if i was a butterfly i know where id be. wonderful.

  • LLL27/01/2005

    I love this fragrance. My boyfriend bought me a bottle of the special EDP for my birthday, and I must say, it's lovely! Soft, but spicy and sexy.

  • ANDREA26/01/2005

    it smells like ck obsession..just the same to me. i am very disappointed, i'm italian and such a distinctive brand should not clone other famous fragrances..

  • LAURA19/01/2005

    This fragrance is empowering and rich, a strong, confident woman need only to wear. Five stars! A must have!

  • ADORA19/01/2005

    Prada is beautiful, a heady scent for a very sophisticated strong woman. But Black Cashmere, Chaos, Addict and Angel all have the same characteristic scent. I love them all, but these scents are all beginning to smell too much alike.

  • CRYSTAL18/01/2005

    Although it's a wonderful scent, it smells EXACTLY like Coco Mademoiselle, which I cherish. If you compare the ingredients, you will note a very striking similarity, love Prada fashions, but must say this fragrance is an exact copy of another great house, Chanel.

  • ANDREA 17/01/2005

    Rich, warm and sexy. I like it (and I usually prefer lighter fragrances). A great winter fragrance.

  • VONNI13/01/2005

    I too think that this smells a LOT like a less musky version of Black Cashmere. It's not unpleasant, but it's certainly not original.

  • KRIS06/01/2005

    During this winter season I am enjoying this and Chance. Chance seems to be a little more energizing and uplifting so I usually wear it during the day. Prada is much more sophisticated so I wear it when I am going out. Both fragrances are woody orientals, which I love, but have different fragrant personalities.

  • ANDREA 105/01/2005

    I usually don't wear heavier fragrances and have almost forgoten what does it mean to wear an Oriental scent ... I tried Prada the other day and I like it! It is rich and warm fragrance but not too owerpowering. Alluring and comforting. Sexy. I think I'll purchase!

  • CK03/01/2005

    Just cracked open my 1.7 oz. bottle yesterday. It is a complicated womanly scent. Only three careful short, short spritzs and my husband said " you smell good!" I would say this is an evening scent, with its ambery notes. It does last long! It's complex and it could be considered a classic scent as Sylvie says. I hope they give this scent a chance to prove itself to stay on the market for a long time. And for heaven sakes don't change the formula just to reach another marketing range, which so often happens, then there goes the product out the door to cheapness!

  • JENNA27/12/2004

    This one is fabulously spicey with a lot of amber. It's nice to have a new fragrance that's not intended to be "clean,watery,or young." It is beautiful for a confident "woman". This will be a Classic!! You must try it.

  • PRADA27/12/2004

    I must say that from the description of this and all the different notes I read were in it I thought I would be finding my new signature scent. That turned out not to be the case. I find that this smells similar to Black Cashmere and and older scent called Venezia. It was too heavy and sweet for my liking. It turned sour on me and made me sick to my stomach when I wore it. I know that some will love this but I will not be one. I was really dissapointed because I normally love the warmer oriental or woody fragrances.

  • SYLVIE26/12/2004

    Interesting, complicated, spicy and warm fragrance. Not innovative, more classic. Great bottle. For my nose similar to Black Cashmere by Donna Karan and MADNESS by Chopard. More a Chypre with a hint of soft leather than an oriental, sweet fragrance. Smells adrogynous and special. Brandnew(!) on the market - but not for everybody. It smells like a perfume for self-confident ladies. No "happy" and sparkling perfume for very young women. Too serious and adult. Let's see if this new Prada fragrance will be a winner in the future and for the next 10 years???? SURELY it will be a must-have-fragrance b/c it's PRADA!!! But don't let the expensive price/name/bottle fool you - make your own decision and test if this new fragrance will smell nice on you.

  • PURFUME LOVER24/12/2004


  • SHARRIE24/12/2004

    a truly divind perfume. wear it in my dreams. luck. inspiratioal. blessing in disquise. prad is unique truly onderful.

  • SHARRIE24/12/2004

    a truly divind perfume. wear it in my dreams. luck. inspiratioal. blessing in disquise. prad is unique truly onderful.

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