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Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc Bvlgari Image


Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc   

19 Reviews

75 ml Shampoo
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  • THEA03/04/2013

    A classic clean smell, not over-powering, lasts and lasts. no wonder it is the signature scent of Ritz Carlton.

  • ZEBEDE22/01/2010

    Bvlgari the blanc is a classic. The signature scent of all Ritz Carlton Hotels also - its definitely up there with the best ...Creed,Aqua di Parma distinctiveness.

  • TRACY06/12/2009

    First smelled in a resort spa. Fell in LOVE. Not much for perfume, but I can't get enough of this stuff. I spray it on me (kids love it when we snuggle), my pillows, and even my dogs!!! First fragrance in years I like! Thanks for the bargain!!

  • DEB20/11/2009

    I think this fragrance has been around for a while. I first used it at the Ritz Carlton a few months ago as it is the lotion, soap and shower gel provided in the room. I love, love, love this; so do my teenage daughters. It's a scent for anyone. lasts forever.

  • BARBARA W18/07/2008

    I'm a Bvlgari fan in general, and I've tried to love this scent, but Blanc just doesn't work on my skin. I absolutey love Rouge, though. Vert is refreshing, but too sharp. Blanc just smells like a peppery floral to me. Oh, well - I envy those of you who can wear this.

  • PENELOPE09/10/2007

    Everytime I wear White Tea, somebody says to me, "You smell so good!"

  • MKM20/08/2007

    This is my favorite out of the Bvlgari tea scents. The green version used to be my favorite, but now I find it too sweet and lemony. This version is a tad bit more peppery, has just the right amount of citrus, and is just crisp and clean. The staying power is pretty good too.

  • REBECCA23/12/2006

    This is the nicest Bvlgari for women in my opinion, clean & kind of creamy to me. But please if you decide to purchase it, make sure you get the "Alcohol-Free" version, because in the regular version, the alcohol content overwhelms the scent, & its pretty terrible. But when you get to smell the fragrance unencumbered it is wonderful, sort of a snuggly kinda smell. Try it! What have u got lose?

  • RHONDA20/11/2006

    I was thinking of buying this, but wondered if the scent lasts? I know the original lasts forever on me.

  • ALCHIMIE10/08/2006

    I adore that one, I absolutelly love to drink tea! Yes, as a tea drinker, especially white tea, this is a must for me! There has been many tea fragramces, many tea insirations but this one has a drydown that smell just like dried leaves of a good quality tea! It rocks.

  • BRON15/01/2006

    I was suprised that this is a unisex fragrance as the drydown is definately more feminine to me. I love this fragrance for daytime but would also suit night so a great choice to travel with. I like perfumes that are a bit distinct rather than wearing one that everyone else is wearing which is why i chose this along with the wonderful scent.

  • GINA D15/01/2006

    This is definetly one of my favorite scents! My husband loves it as well. It is very unique and not one of those fragrances out there that everyone is wearing. What a find!

  • SHERI26/12/2005

    This smells amazing! I absolutely love it and have had very many positive comments from other people - especially my hubby! It's a classic, understated scent and I hope it's never deleted!

  • SMILYGIRL11/11/2005

    I think this scent is worth a try. Although it starts out with a very heavy peppery smell it turns into a wonderful, pleasant and also very elegant scent. I would recommend it to every age and for almost every occation. For daytime 1 or 2 spritz is enough, it lasts very well.

  • MARI9822/09/2005

    This is very classy and feminine fragrance, perfect for the office, but also could be all around fragrance. Soft, understated and non-ofensive, but still ladylike. Highly recomended!

  • MIAU24/08/2005

    when i first tried this perfume i thought it was a fresh and sexy smell so later i bougth one but it turned out to be sweet regular scent...and few people commented they had headache from it.its not nice at all

  • JOY03/05/2005

    I've been on the fence as to which fragrance I prefer to buy: Bvlgari Au Blanc, Calvin Klein Contradiction or CK Be. I think the Bvlgari scent lasts at least as long as the CK products, and the bottle is infinitely more attractive. This is a fragrance I like to smell on my own wrist or my husband's neck.

  • VERY NICE26/02/2005

    a friend of mine who works in the perfume industry introduced me to this fragrance. i absolutely love it. not too heavy; was concerned about the composition. but it smells great. i wear either day or night; wonderful for either. give it try; you might be pleasantly surprised!!

  • KELL30/01/2005

    I am thinking about buying this one. It smells so refreshing and sexy.

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