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Geir Ness


62 Reviews

Geir Eau de Parfum for men captures the crisp Norwegian mountains... blended with herbs, wetwood and natural oils creates this clean, distinctive and sensual scent.

50 ml EDP Spray
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Geir Eau de Parfum for men captures the crisp Norwegian mountains... blended with herbs, wetwood and natural oils creates this clean, distinctive and sensual scent.

  • BARRY28/04/2015

    Have been using this product for years. Would' t consider using anything else. The ladies love it.

  • SUSAN24/04/2015

    My husband's favorite! Clean, fresh outdoors scent...

  • A.BJORKVOLL11/09/2012

    A clean distinct fragrance that lingers

  • A BJORKVOLL10/09/2012

    Excellent alcohol free stick deodorant with the great fragrance of Geir

  • B. SIEVERTSEN28/05/2012

    This has been and continues to be an excellent product. More impressive is Perfume Emporium. A company that goes above and beyond excellent service to bring me amazing products at a reasonable price.

  • GLEN B06/03/2012

    The under-arm deodorant stick is fairly decent. Clean and unobtrusive smell. Lasts all day. If this is what you want, go for it. Personally, I'm going to keep looking. 3.5 Stars.

  • DAVID SAVILLE02/03/2012

    I have been wearing this scent for many years and can only get it from your company. Thank you for continue carrying it.

  • DAVID SAVILLE02/03/2012

    I have been wearing this scent for many years and can only get it from your company. Thank you for continue carrying it.

  • ROBERT 02/01/2012

    The best fragrance I've ever worn! It is commented on almost everyday.

  • FRED MARSHALL14/12/2011

    This is a wonderful fragrance for men. When I wear it I always receive comments on how nice the scent is and it seems to last all day. great value for money.

  • GSKMD07/09/2011

    This is the best unknown cologne I have encountered. I bought a sample at Disney and deeply regret not getting a huge supply. Clean, fresh, different, and fairly long lasting, you cannot go wrong here.


    Great cologne. Not too strong but just right. Very Clean scent.

  • A. BOREALIS27/05/2011

    This is truly an amazing scent. Cool, clean, brisk and absolutely refreshing smell that DOES turn heads of both women AND men to where they'll be asking what that wonderful fragrance is. Luxurious, long-lasting and well worth the $.

  • DEBBI D.06/12/2010

    This is the cologne that makes me want my man so bad I can't stand it. I don't know what is in it, but it does something to the female hormones!

  • K. WIMPINO02/12/2010

    Wow, what a clean and sensual aroma! Go Norway!!

  • FRED31/10/2010

    I have been wearing Geir since it was first brought to this country and the only place you could buy it was at Nordstroms. On one occassion I met Geir Ness at when he was presenting at Nordstroms. This is the only Cologne I use andall the women I meet go crazy for it. If it does not work for you it is because your body chemistry is not right for this fragrance. Like evrythingelse in life it is not for everyone. I have been using Geir forover 10 years and I still think itis better than all the commercial stuff that is out there.

  • BRIAN14/07/2010

    Maybe I got a bad bottle (it happens), but I wasn't impressed with this cologne. Very subtle but plain smelling, nothing spicy or sweet stands out. I would label this as a good "office" cologne.

  • GABRIEL24/05/2010

    Hey Jeff! The argument that you smelled it at Disney World is unbeatable so this unisex (btw) EDT has to be good.

  • JEFF STONE26/12/2009

    pardon my french but this cologne kicks *ss i smelled this cologne at disney world and immediately had to have it. i have many colognes and nothing compares! it smells so good i turn myself on.

  • GABRIEL11/12/2009

    Fresh and sweet...weird combination. Lasting power is high. Not sexy, not masculine...just weird.

  • CHAD COCHRAN18/10/2009

    I discovered this cologne at Disney World as well, about three years ago. Had to have it and now I need to purchase some more!! My wife LOVES it!!!!

  • SCOTT BEACH16/05/2009

    I've been a lifelong cologne fan and like the previous poster discovered this scent at Disney World (Epcot-Norway). A phenomenal men's fragrance that gets compliments each and every time I wear it. I don't hesitate to pay full shot for it, and in today's world that is paying a product quite a compiment.

  • PHALCON HEIGHWAY24/04/2009

    Visited Walt Disney World and went to Norway and smell this wonderful fragrant and had to purchase his & hers. OOhh so so good.

  • MELISSA BLEDSOE19/08/2008

    I am 100% woman and I wear Geir Ness!!!! I can't even count the compliments I get from just a walk by!!!!

  • THERESA02/08/2008

    My husband has had a sample of Gier sitting for awhile, having never tried it. Well he tried on today, and I attacked him. IT SMELLS GREAT! Got to have more!

  • KMF12/10/2007

    Hi Mark, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. One of the major reasons why I like Armand Basi so much is because of it's versatility. You can pretty much use it for anything. The only thing I wouldn't consider it for are formal occasions. I just think there are better choices out there in that instance...

  • DENVER19/09/2007

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting the maker of this amazing cologne. Geir gave me a small bottle of his cologne and I have had so many compliments that I want to bathe in it every day. Great guy and a great smelling fragrance. For you women he also has produced a wonderful perfume for you called "Leila", named after his mother.

  • HANNAH13/09/2007

    I see some of you love it and some of you think it's just average. Being a woman, I can tell you there is something about this smell I LOVE. It must have hormones in it or something! Try it on and ask some girls what they think. You may not think it's much but I bet you will get compliments from women.

  • LOS04/08/2007

    3*s! Was I expecting more? Yes with all the hype. It is clean, but not fresh. Sophisticated, but not sexy. IMO not all that distinctive per found it a cross of Iceberg twice and Leroy Soleil and a few others I can't pinpoint at this time. By no means does it smell bad. Just BORING and traditional! Agree with Nick being a scent worn by carsalesmen or Attorney. ADG with stamina? No where near! And no where near the Freshness, Clean, or distinctiveness of Bvlgari Pour Homme. Not an everyday/office scent. Nightime special occasions.

  • BARRY 23/07/2007

    I work with picky nurses and they think it's great.Several bought Geir for their special guy.

  • SARA06/07/2007

    no matter how ugly a man may be, he wears this parfum, he will look good to you....thats how good it smells on men!!!!!

  • MICHAEL20/06/2007

    It reminds me of cinnamon buns. It is a great scent and I always get compliments.

  • KMF02/06/2007

    I really like this one. It definitely stands out from all the other fresh, aquatic, citrus scents... A great sleeper scent

  • MARK KERRY29/05/2007

    Thanks, KMF. Reading the reviews here, I bought Armand Basi Homme from this site. Is Armand Basi Homme good for everyday, office/casual wear or is it strictly evening? Thanks again.

  • KMF28/05/2007

    I own Armand Basi Homme, and I can't recommend it enough. It's a great scent that is versatile enough for any occasion. Don't confuse Armand Basi Homme with Basi Homme though. I feel that Basi Homme is overrated and doesn't last very long... As for Geir Ness, I just bought some online and will review as soon as it comes in...

  • MARK KERRY20/05/2007

    I have Mont Blanc'c Individuel and would like another cologne to complement it and still be different. I am looking for casual wear. Would you recommend Geir Ness, Armand Basi or Issey? Thanks.

  • MIKE D.18/02/2007

    This is the best scent i've found.Totally scored with my wife!!SHE IS VERY PICKY!!!!!!!Two thumbs way up, top shelf!

  • SILKY12/01/2007

    I agree with nick. Reading all of the great reviews, I was expecting a lot more from this cologne, it really is average for an expensive cologne.

  • SLICK04/01/2007

    OK, I got this stuff at Thanksgiving..bought it for myself..its OK...First expensive bottle of colonge I ever bought..and will be my last..I'm sticking to my Brut and Old Spice...Men save the women buy Brut..Women will adore you!!!!

  • R. SHRESTHA01/01/2007

    I would never wear a cologne I didn't like on myself just because women like it on me. I like my colognes to match my personality and to make me more confident knowing I smell good. It's about turning women on, I know, but it's not about turning oneself on if you don't want to wear it just for others. You don't wear clothes you don't like, for others, do you? To me fragrance is an extension of your personality and also a rounding off effect for your wardrobe and image. I've given away many colognes given to me coz sitting on shelf doesn't do them justice and there are tons out there that work on both accounts. Maybe I'm saying this coz I know I'll make an impression on women regardless of any colognes. lol ;) Just be yourselves people! And by the way, I will try Geir soon enough, smell of Norway..hhmmm.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI21/12/2006

    Esp since in my last review I forgot to mark the 'excellent' button--duh. Well, guess what? It's excellent. For me, it's an outdoors scent evocative of the mountains--as it was meant to be--it's also both upper class and casual. i.e; You could wear this to any formal occasion or you could just as easily wear it with jeans. This is my winter version of Le Roy Soleil. Serve chilled . . .

  • GOD15/12/2006

    Yeah, if your wife loves it, it doesn't matter what you think of it. are you wearing cologne so that You can turn yourself on? Der, it's for the LADIES! Signed, A Woman.

  • JUJU15/12/2006

    My boyfriend wears this cologne. And I am extremely thankful for that! Woo!

  • ROB H.05/12/2006

    As far as wearing this or any cologne out there, wouldn't the most important issue be what your wife or other women think of it? If the wife or any other beautiful woman out there likes what you're wearing and you don't, then may I suggest spraying it on the lower part of your shirt, pants or the back of your neck if you don't want to smell it. Good day

  • NICK30/11/2006

    I read all the great reviews about this cologne before visiting the store and actually trying it, I sprayed it on both my wrist and a test strip, and my Wife loved it! but almost any scent gets her excited, I thought it was average, she ended up buying a bottle which I never opened, the small amount I sprayed on my wrist at the store lasted the entire day, and the more I smelled it, the more I hated it, it has a pine scent that a lot of traditional colognes have, it gave me a headache every time I took a sniff, it reminds me of a cologne you would smell on a car salesman or Attorney...I'm not impressed and will be returning it tomorrow.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI17/09/2006

    Very upbeat fresh scent. Reminds me a bit of Le Roy Soleil by Dali--not that it smells anything like it. LRS is citrus/summer and this is wetwoods/cool, but both are--Say, did I mention upbeat?

  • JOHNNY X06/09/2006

    I am not one of those impulsive buyers but this cologne is worth it! Very clean sent. Excellent and hard 2 find

  • CRIS KAANTO18/06/2006

    Clean, refreshing, invigorating, sophisticated, sensual...........I could go on but I'll leave it at that.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU16/05/2006

    Modern, clean........very clean, elegant and sophisticated 1st-timer from the Nordic country. It's kind of like Acqua di Gio meets Gendarme/CLEAN Men type scents.........only better and even more longer lasting. Gentlemen, buy it, wear it and be noticed with a smile from the women!

  • MELISSA BLEDSOE21/03/2006

    Oh my gosh! I go crazy when my handsome gentleman is wearing GEIR NESS......I can only try to keep my hands to myself, cannot control myself around him........

  • SYNERGY20/03/2006

    This first and (I think) only fragrance from Norway is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Clean, crisp, refreshing, sophisticated and even sensual to the women. Not all that easy to find but if you do then definitely add it to your collection, guys!


    I have found a new favorite! At first, I questioned the initial fragrance, but the drydown is fantastic and I just feel good wearing it. This is bound to be a classic.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE09/02/2006

    All I can say is that Norway has put themselves on the cologne map with this beautiful long-lasting breath of fresh clean air.

  • DUC13/12/2005

    For the time being I will enjoy this first and so far only fragrance from Norway. It's a crisp, clean, refreshing and even rather sensuous experience among fragrances of it's kind. As an aquatic and/or clean & fresh type scent, for me it's tops over Gendarme, Clean Men, Acqua di Gio, Kenneth Cole's first, Zirh, Bvlgari Pour Homme but maybe at a tie with Pal Zileri (in which case I can't believe that there's no one on this entire site with the exception of this Rob H. that owns a bottle of it).

  • TONY T28/11/2005

    so if you like acqua di gio you will love this. lasts long and very well worth it. top shelf material way above gendarme!!!!


    Difficult to find but when you do, you won't be disappointed. It's clean, it's fresh, it's sophisticated and it's definitely different than almost any mens' cologne I've smelled out least in the clean & fresh category.

  • ROB H.13/07/2005

    This is probably my favorite among "fresh" scents and I always receive wonderful compliments from everyone out there. The very first time I tried this, I automatically put it above Bvlgari Pour Homme, Gendarme but probably at a tie with Pal Zileri by Zileri.

  • DOUG24/08/2004

    I coach a women's team and they won't let me wear anything else!

  • JACKIE RYAN11/06/2004

    I really like it when my hubby wears this!

  • BETH11/11/2003

    as a woman i love this cologne

  • CHRIS C.04/10/2003


  • CRAIG21/09/2003

    i often try new colognes but must say i like the smell of also has produced the most positive responses from women when i have worn it of any cologne i have had. i love it!

  • ROY 11/09/2003

    Just got a 100ml bottle of the spray cologne. Terrific scent! Hoping for aftershave balm, deodorant stick, and aftershave to come soon!! Long lasting.

  • NIC05/07/2003

    This scent has an odd smelling spice combo that makes me gag. I try posting but it doesnt get put up I am not being offensive so I dont get it unless this is a fascist etailer!

  • SWEN30/06/2003

    This smells like wet grass to me. Not so hot.

  • DAVE19/06/2003

    Definitely a winner. It has a lavender scent that is subtle, over a slight spicy/woody background. This is full EDP strength, and can be used sparingly. That said, it is not overpowering at all, as it stays close to the skin. It is VERY long-lasting too. Good all around scent that I can easily recommend to all.

  • CONNAISSEUR27/04/2003

    This is my new favorite! Such a unique scent, I can't even put a finger on what goes into this fragrance. To me it seems to be a mixture of fruit, spices and vanilla -- at least that's what it smells like. Has a mainly fruity unisex type smell to me, but the spice makes it more manly than feminine. I put some on over 7 hours ago and it's just now starting to fade a little. Try it, you'll be hooked like me. As far as I know, it's only available at Nordstrom and it is a bit pricey, but well worth your buck!

  • ALEXANDER SMITH18/03/2003

    It's a winner!!!! I get stopped everytime I wear the scent!

  • JOE MILLIONAIRE11/02/2003

    I've had this stuff for about a year and it's quality, strength, and uniqueness is unmatched by the CKs, Tommys, and Ralph Laurens of the world. I'd easily put it up there with Creed. Try the website ( to see where you can get this treasure

  • NICK12/01/2003

    This fragrance is absolutely is of eau de parfum strength so it lasts on the skin ALL day. Woman go crazy over this cologne...keep in mind...Geir Ness is not an everyday fragrance. It should be used for special occasions. Very fresh and captures the fresh smell of Norweigan mountains. Simply outstanding!

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