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Victoria Secret

Very Sexy   

64 Reviews

Very Sexy For Him, a spicy citrus blend, has top notes of tangerine, pink lime and bergamot leaves. The heart mixes limewood, cinnamon bark and sage. Vetiver and orange flower comprise the dry down. It's as sexy and unexpected as the man who wears it.

100 ml COL Spray
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Very Sexy For Him, a spicy citrus blend, has top notes of tangerine, pink lime and bergamot leaves. The heart mixes limewood, cinnamon bark and sage. Vetiver and orange flower comprise the dry down. It's as sexy and unexpected as the man who wears it.

  • LUUKEE25/02/2013

    hard to find item, great service!

  • M.R.27/06/2011

    Not bad at all this mens' 1st from VS and seems to last ok. This spicy-woody-floral scent seems most appropriate for evenings and I've had decent compliments from both sides, just don't overspray.

  • THEDIRECTOR05/09/2007

    This cologne is amazing. The ladies love it. It's romantic and can be worn at any time, but best for nights on date with your lady. I see the resemblence with this and Eternity and the drydown is very similar. However, VS has the edge with a sexy sweet note added in their. This could have been packaged as a sequel to Eternity in the form of Eternity Night. Also it lasts all day on me with only 3 spritz. One of the neck and one on each wrist. The ladies are all over me, even moreso when I wear Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret. Just the thought of it tempts me to go and put some on right now!

  • JASON08/05/2007

    This scent makes my heart jump every time I sniff it. It wears well at any time, but it is best for a those romantic evenings with that special girl. For me it lasts all day, but I generally have amazing body chemistry when it comes to cologne and bring out the best in them. This is the cologne to pick if you want something that you will like, as well as, the ladies.

  • MICHAEL01/04/2007

    I starting to think that Victoria Secret copies other fragrances. Many of their scents smell very similar to other established designer brands. This one smells identical to eternity for men by calvin klein. I wear eternity and the victoria secret saleswoman thought that I was wearing very sexy, but I politely corrected her.

  • JAMES R.01/04/2007

    Smells ALMOST exactly like Calvin Klein Eternity for men but, Calvin Klein put something very sexy in Eternity that Victoria Secret left out.

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD04/12/2006

    This is one of my wife's favorites to smell on me. I have both the Very Sexy colognes, this one in which is both of our favorites, but the other is very good as well.

  • BRANDY04/12/2006

    Any man can wear this and get @ least a compliment on how he smells if not his looks. :)

  • JOHN WAYNE19/02/2006

    My girlfriend at the time got me hooked on this cologne. For some reason everytime i wear it it turns her on lol. I recommend it if u need some lovin. I need to go get some more for myself.

  • HACUOTON16/11/2005

    I just took a shower and i sprayed some on my neck and this girl who lives next to me hug me for 3 so guys buy it

  • WOMAN_2616/11/2005

    Very Cheap very nasty smell. Its like my grandfather's perfume went bad. First impulse -throw the bottle away.

  • SYNERGY07/11/2005

    Starts out and dries down OK but this cologne seems synthetic and not all that seductive like it's supposed to.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE10/08/2005

    A decent first attempt from Victoria Secret and sort of lives up to it's name. I DO receive good compliments overall from this semi-spicy citrus/floral blend but it seems a bit synthetic.

  • PMX26/06/2005

    Best Cologne I have ever bought. If you liked this one, check out Lacoste Style In Play. VS, Intoxicating

  • MAEDIN16/06/2005

    Very Sexy for Him; Ooo, a scent that makes my insides tickle. A good choice for your Man.

  • GQ11/05/2005

    girls absolutely love it. i love it too. i think its a great scent for attracting the opposite sex. great for dates!

  • ADRIANA02/05/2005

    I had a date with a guy from the chat and when I first saw him I asked what perfume was he wearing

  • REBECCA28/04/2005

    Hmmm, well I like it, just not that crazy about it. I'm still undecided... so many women love it. I just don't see why. You never know, with the right man, it might smell as great as I've heard. If the price was lower, I would think it would be worth it. But just not good enough to me to want to interact with a guy over his cologne. Eternity, that still gets alot of women i'm sure. lol

  • JULIANA26/04/2005

    I´m girl and I use very sexy fo him... It smells so good... Is amazing even to women

  • JC06/04/2005

    This is an excellent EDT by Victoria Secret that not many men know about. Probably because it's by a company that markets itself mainly to women. I always get compliments whenever I wear this scent. I like fruity smelling scents but most colognes have way too much fruit in them. This one blends in the fruits and spices perfectly to give a very sexy and unique scent to it. However, this EDT is VERY diluted so it will not last for more than 1 or 2 hours tops.

  • ROB H.12/11/2004

    Haven't worn this in a couple of years but I did get a fair share of good compliments from the women. I wouldn't really say it's spicy in that much of a seductive or sensuous manner.

  • ROB11/11/2004

    This cologne smells good..the only problem wears off after like 2 minutes. It would be much better if it lasted longer, but, I still love it.

  • FREEDOM050229/08/2004

    all I have to say is WOW this smells great

  • JACIE23/02/2004

    VERY SEXY IS SOOO HOTT! If any guy ever wore it, I would jump him for sure! It's soooo sexxxy!!


    pleasant and sexy...makes you wanna get close to a guy wearing this, it's fresh and clean...flirty too. But, ya, it does wear off rather quick...I guess Eternity would do better. But it's still good sh-t. :)

  • JAYNESS25/07/2003

    I have the 3.4 bottle but you couldn't tell. By the time i leave my house the scent has gone away. well if your around girls that like guys with the smallest smell of cologne this is for you.

  • PJ12/07/2003

    bring myself to wear a fragrance that sells only woman underwear. Told the girlfriend NO WAY...I DON'T DO THAT STUFF

  • RANGER RICK08/06/2003

    I didn't pick girlfriend bought this--she's a high-class shopping expert so this must be good.

  • MAURICIO05/06/2003


  • BRIAN07/03/2003

    my ex liked it soo much she had her new man go out n buy it n all the girls always walk over n give me hugs n smell it sayin it smells sooooo good get it!!!!

  • ARNOLD R.24/02/2003

    Although I only have the aftershave, I'll say that the fragrance itself isn't bad. I found it to be a decent mix of woods and spice. It makes me think of Polo and Whitewater (distantly). I will say that its longevity is terrible. In about an hour -- it's gone. But as I said, I only have the aftershave, so that's probably the reason for its lack of power. (Aftershaves have less alcohol and essential oils than colognes [so they don't irritate freshly shaved skin], and as a consequence, they just don't last very long. I'm sure y'all know this.) I'll bet the cologne lasts longer so I won't quibble about it. All in all, it's not bad -- but it's not fantastic, either. Kind of ho-hum, as it were. I suppose it's worth splashing on if there's nothing else at hand, but there are much better fragrances out there in this price range.

  • GERALD30/01/2003

    Been there done that. Its called Eternity sweetheart!

  • SP28/01/2003

    This cologne is so yummy smelling, every guy must wear it

  • MULLET MARK20/01/2003

    This stuff is freakin awesome I dont think I have ever smelled anything like it!

  • BILL13/01/2003

    Eternity re-done. Vicky Secret I thought would have some fun not be so passe.

  • GRAHAM09/01/2003

    this is a great one!!! you must get!!!

  • SHAWN08/12/2002

    This is like Eternity gone bad

  • RON03/12/2002

    Too cliche, I'd rather get Eternity.

  • FARHAD02/12/2002

    At first I love this scent, its fresh and sweet but then it turns rancid on me. Dunno could just be my skin chemsitry.

  • BRIAN29/11/2002

    It is eternity but it smells great

  • JOHN26/11/2002

    not bad, very much like eternity

  • JENNIFER24/11/2002

    I love Very Sexy for Him, but what why isn't Very Sexy for Her on here? I recommend both!

  • LENNY21/11/2002

    I like this it smells fresh and erotic.

  • MOE18/11/2002


  • J16/11/2002

    i wuz chillin at my friends house, and he wuz wasting this stuff and makin fireballs w/ it (they did look pretty cool) but i tried some, and i LUUVVED IT!!!!!! great stuff.

  • LORETTA07/11/2002

    try very sexy for her?? It's wonderful!!!

  • NOTSUME07/11/2002

    Great scent by vs.

  • NUTTO05/11/2002

    Agree with tum on this one. This smells downright eternity. Eternity bottle or victoria secret for men bottle - they're 100% the same.

  • PATY04/11/2002

    WOW!!!!! This makes you just wanna take whoevers wearing it home with you!

  • JADE04/11/2002

    This cologne just smells like heaven.

  • CHRISSY04/11/2002

    Victorias secret has made the best cologne for a man ever!

  • JANE04/11/2002

    VS for him is a wonderful and pleasant scent. Its so sexy!

  • CHRISTINE02/11/2002

    It smells so good! This is a must if you guys wanna smell great!

  • TUM01/11/2002

    Smells just like Eternity. Eternity is ok, this one looks like they poured it out of Eternity bottle into Victoria Secret's bottle.

  • JUAN31/10/2002

    Women love this cologne!!! If you want a cologne that the women will notice, buy this one.

  • JAYHAY23/10/2002

    Defiantly sets the mood. If you want to be very sexy for your girl, get this colonge, FAST

  • MARKEE MARK23/10/2002

    This cologne was made by a female company for us, of course the females are gonna love this scent!

  • JAMES22/10/2002

    wonderful perfume!

  • TUM20/10/2002

    Not very good. Its okay, nothing special about it. I think its just the name part that drives people wild. Its just another average cologne. I'm not saying its bad but not that deserving as the comments portray.

  • TOM17/10/2002

    Girls SWARM to you like bees to honey!

  • VEE16/10/2002


  • HARRY16/10/2002

    toooo sxy!

  • JAY14/10/2002

    Its a great cologne, girls love it, buy it now!

  • KRIS14/10/2002

    Get this! It attracts girls like no other

  • PETE14/10/2002

    Simply Victoria Simply Nasty

  • JIM10/10/2002

    So good I bet any guy could get a date with Giselle if he wore this!!!

  • KRIS06/10/2002

    this is the perfect cologne. if you needa girl, get this. girls love this smell!


    Kinda reminds me a little of CK Eternity - Smells Awesome

  • DANA29/09/2002

    i would immediatly kiss a guy if he was wearing it ...

  • RIZZA24/09/2002


  • ERICA16/09/2002


  • CHRIS15/09/2002

    I was hesitant at first that Victoria'a Secret could make a decent Men's Clongne. Once I tried it I was hooked, and so were all of the ladies

  • EMILY11/09/2002

    Any man who has this on . . . oh my god.

  • GREG20/08/2002

    My Girlfriend gave me a sample from Victoria Secret and I was hesatent to try this cologne, but once I did I was very pleased. A very good cologne.

  • RON15/08/2002

    i smelled this colonge and bought the 1.7 ounce bottle. very clean refreshing smell soon every guy will have this colonge

  • D LOVE21/05/2002

    Thissizzle the best smelling cologneizzle mizzle I everzle smelled.

  • JOE15/03/2002

    I bought it because the girl I like likes it, too =) For me, I think it's a great cologne. Very Sexy, indeed

  • DAVA29/01/2002

    very sexy is a good smelling cologne but it is a little light on the scent and can tend to wear off a little quick.... but in other terms just let the name and go from there!!!

  • KHANECTION16/12/2001

    I smelled it on a friend (no i'm not gay!!!) and bought it within a week...Two of my friends smelled it and ordered it from PE at once, now two friends of one of those friends tried it and are ordering it now...It's a domino effect.

  • THURMAN03/12/2001

    This is da bomb diggity!! I have had only 1 girlfriend all my life until I got this, now I have 3!

  • MOSES24/11/2001

    It is a good cologne, for summer and day wearing. It has to be casual in winter or evening type. Very Sexy is oriented for young guys. Cons, that it may became popular that every other guy will wear it, then I'll stay away form it.

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